The Best There Is At What He Does

The concluding panel of Uncanny X-Men 132

Short and feisty, the claw-wielding killing machine from the Great White North started small in the pages of the Incredible Hulk (a joint creation by Len Wein, Herb Trimpe and John Romita Sr). When the ailing X-Men comic book was revived by Wein and artist Dave Cockrum, Wolverine was introduced and a legend was born. Cockrum fleshed out Wolverine, but it was during John Byrne’s run as co-writer and artist that he saw a rise in popularity during a violent outburst (colored in all red) that made the book sales soar. A fan favorite character, Wolverine evoked the gritty attitude of the “man’s man” 70’s and 80’s action heroes.


Later, Chris Claremont and Frank Miller would add distinguishing characteristics to the Wolverine in a four part solo adventure set in Japan, making him a blend of rugged bruiser and a noble warrior.  There have been many additions and revisions since, but this remains the boiler plate for the Wolverine.

Sideshow Collectibles has developed a Sixth Scale Figure of Wolverine that is every bit as mean-looking and deadly as the comic book mutant.

Every X-Men fan knows what that means. Joining our growing Marvel Sixth Scale figure collection, is the Sideshow Collectibles mutant hero, Wolverine!


Ok, so while he may not actually be laced with adamantium, Logan is more than ready to let the claws come out. Meticulously crafted on an all-new muscular body design with two pairs of beefy arms, multiple swap-out hands, and a full range of articulation. Fitted in a fantastically tailored tactical version of his classic brown and tan costume, ol’ Canucklehead comes with both masked and unmasked head sculpts, each channeling his unbridled berserker rage. To further honor his impressive legacy, we’ve also included the legendary Muramasa blade, a key weapon from Wolverine mythos.

So what are you waiting for, Bub? If you’re looking for the ultimate Wolverine, let there be no doubt – he’s the best there is!

The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure specially features:

  • Unique Wolverine body with over 25 points of articulation
  • Masked portrait
  • Unmasked Logan portrait with separate pulled back cowl
  • Two (2) pairs of interchangeable aesthetic arms including:
    – Neutral pose
    – Flexed pose
  • Left and right gauntlets
  • Four (4) pairs of hands including:
    – Fists with extended claws
    – Fists
    – Grip hands
    – Gesture hands
  • Left and right boots
    Detailed fabric costume inspired by Wolverine’s brown and tan appearance
  • Exclusive Muramasa blade with scabbard

Constructed in 1/6 scale, the Wolverine figure has a Sept-November ship date.

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