Judge Dredd Punches Back

Comic books can serve multiple purposes. In addition to entertaining, they can act as a statement world events as social commentary. 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd delivered in such a bold way that it became an icon of British comics alongside Dan Dare and Beano.


2000 A.D. # 168

The most popular comic book character in the United Kingdom, Judge Dredd is also the most successful mix of sci-fi,horror and comics to date. Created in 1977 by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, the character is just one of many great strips that ran in 2000 A.D. under the editorial leadership of Pat Mills. Set in a post apocalyptic future where mega cities are overrun with crime, the decision is made to endow the police with special powers to side-step the need for the legal process of a fair trial and actually murder criminals on the spot. A brotherhood unto itself, the greatest of these Judges is Dredd, one of a batch of clones designed to be perfect policemen. Embodying the cynicism and doom-laden outlook on the future, Judge Dredd was full of over the top violence, tough guy cops and horrific villains. In short, the perfect statement on Thatcher’s Britain. It also serves as an interesting statement on urban decay and the nature of modern city dwelling societies.- from my 2009 post

Many remember Dredd as being a poorly made movie starring Sylvester Stallone that is so bad it is regularly mixed up with Demolition Man. Few know of the character’s roots or his legacy. In 2012, Dredd was the star of a 3D film which honored the source material. Fans were over the moon to see an adaptation that was slavishly devoted to the comics. Starring Star Trek’s Karl Urban and produced by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Ex Machina), Dredd was a rocking action movie with brutal hyper-violence that was evocative of urban crime yet translated into a future realm. It was perfect.

03_judge_dredd_2012_empire_UrbanDespite the perfection of the Dredd movie, the financial success wasn’t strong enough to garner a sequel. Nevertheless, its fans base has continued to push for another Dredd film and it appears that we may be getting more MegaCity action, just not in the way we had imagined.

Via Wired:

Rebellion has launched Bring Back Dredd, a campaign which currently has more than 136,000 signees. Shepherded by “superfans” Frank Palmer and Brian Ritchie, it’s shifting focus away from a theatrical sequel slightly, and is now targeting producers of the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO to bring it back as a TV series.

“With the success of series such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, andThe Man in the High Castle, the clamour of the growing fanbase for more from the incredible world of the 2012 Dredd movie cannot be ignored,” the campaign text reads. “We call on TV and movie producers to step up to the plate and give us more, either through a pay-to-view TV series or a new movie!”

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2016 Movie List

February – Deadpool

March – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

May – Captain America: Civil War , X-Men: Apocalypse

June – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, WarCraft, Independence Day Resurgence

July – The Legend of Tarzan, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond

August – Suicide Squad

October – Gambit

November – Doctor Strange

December – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


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