All-New All-Different Marvel shipping this week

Secret-Wars-MarvelFor the past several months, Marvel Comics has been defeating their Distinguished Competition on the racks with their Secret Wars titles. Each series has been set in a separate reality based on a classic story line (such as Spider-Island, Marvel Zombies or Civil War) or a completely new one (such as 1872, Weird World or Ghost Riders).

Side-note: I have been thoroughly enjoying the Secret Wars minis and highly encourage readers to dip into them.

In the aftermath of this madcap story telling, the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe will emerge. This is not a reboot or a restart, just a reshuffle of ideas. The importance of retaining continuity while invigorating the comic book universe is a delicate dance that takes some refined skill and a dedicated bullpen of creators and EDITORS. The result is something new yet familiar.

To some, this All-New All-Different approach is heresy as it threatens the towering stack of back issues which have developed an intricate mythology over the course of decades. This is something that Marvel Comics has had to reconcile with attracting new readers and keeping things fresh without compromising the core concepts. The results are admittedly mixed (Thor and Captain America have gotten so revised that they are looking decidedly different to what one would expect), but in the end you have to ask if they are good stories. And if they are, buy it. If not, there are many more comics on the shelves to occupy you.

If you are headed to the comic shop this week you will see the first in Marvel’s new line. Here are some news bites to prepare and educate you on what’s what in the MU.



In the aftermath of Secret Wars, an all-new team of Avengers will assemble for an all-different ongoing series. Writer Mark Waid joins with artists Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar to head up what promises to be a very different roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from any previous line-ups.

ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS features Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man. We checked in with the team of creators to get the low-down on the upside of the new Avengers. You have a hugely diverse cast; what went into deciding on these particular heroes?

Mark Waid: Honestly, the big three—Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America—were a given regardless of who was currently holding onto those identities. Vision was our fourth pick because I have a new take on the character that I’ve been thinking about for almost a year in hopes I’d be able to do something with it. We knew from there that we needed some fresh blood on the team to balance the old guard. Ms. Marvel was my first choice—what a great character—and I’ve very much enjoyed writing Nova over the past couple of years here and there. The seventh slot was Tom Brevoort’s suggestion: Miles Morales [as Spider-Man], and was a good pick because we wanted someone who’d not only never been an Avenger but hadn’t even been seen with them. Well, Adam, how’s it feel to be on the brand-newest Avengers book?

Adam Kubert: I’m elated. Not only do I have a chance to work on a new Avengers title but I get to work with Mark Waid! I mean it doesn’t get any better. Do you ever look back to past Avengers artists for inspiration? If so, who and why?

Adam Kubert: Absolutely! The Avengers have a long list of artistic inspirations that I admire: [Jack] Kirby, [John] Buscema, George Perez, [Bryan] Hitch, [John] Romita, Stuart Immonen, John Cassaday—just to name a few. These guys are larger than life talents that I’ll continually look towards for inspiration. And finally, we swing it over to Mahmud; what’s it been like being named for this book and with this creative team?

Mahmud Asrar: Whenever the project I’m working on is coming to a close one way or the other, I start wondering and to some degree worrying, what the next thing I’m going to be working on will be. Fortunately I’ve been lucky in that regard, with a climbing trend. This one will be a little hard to top though. I’m working on the main Avengers book! With Mark Waid. Hard to beat that and it feels good. I’ve had the chance to work with Mark before but it was very brief so I’m excited that this is happening now.

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Invincible Iron Man It looks like this book is positioned as the flagship book of both All-New, All-Different Marvel and the Marvel Universe moving forward. What is it about the stories you’re telling that really makes this book define that and what will be going on in the Marvel U?

Brian Michael Bendis: To be truthful, I think the audience decides what the flagship books are. I’m very happy with our pre-orders that say the audience was kind of hoping for something like this out of Tony so we’re very happy about that. There’s a surprise at the end of the first issue which will immediately answer your question, a question that I am not going to answer in this interview, but we have a hook, one of quite a few, that will debut in the first issue, but it’s that last page that people are going to start chit-chatting on the Interwebs about and people will see why we’re so excited about the possibilities of Tony’s future.

This is a perfect example: the movies are worldwide sensations, the character has completely found its place in our culture. How quickly people forget what a gamble it was to have Iron Man starring in a movie. It was not a home run. It was not a slam dunk. It was a real shot by filmmakers that really felt they had something to say with the character and now here we are today and, as far as my kids know, there’s never been a time when Iron Man hasn’t been a gold standard, top of the line, Spider-Man level character. In publishing, even though the stories have been outstanding – I’ve screamed from the rooftops how amazing that [Matt] Fraction’s run was on the book – we haven’t really been able to grab what the mainstream, non-comics audience has found in Iron Man and find a unique way to put it in the book that isn’t just repeating what was in the movie. A whole different set of adventures and motivations behind him and really take the character much further than the movies are going to in a long-form format like comics. This is very exciting and for years, Tom [Breevort] has been offering me to write this book and I always had Iron Man in a book so I never felt that that scratch wasn’t being itched, ya know?

From literally 2004 on, I’ve been writing him every month in one form or another and some of my best moments at the company have featured him, like in CIVIL WAR: CONFESSION and things like that. As people pointed out on Tumblr, the minute that Marvel let me do whatever I wanted in ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP, I wrote Iron Man. This feels like, not a reboot in any way of Iron Man, but in some ways a reinvention or a new way of seeing the character in this place…

Brian Michael Bendis: For people who are worried – and that’s always the first instinct you get online is, “Are you throwing anything out? Are you making any of my comics worthless?” Even though I’ve never ever, ever, ever done that, I will reiterate again that I would never do that.

First of all, I am a huge fan of everything that’s come with the character in the last ten years, so even if I had that horrible interest just to get rid of things, I wouldn’t because I just think that what Kieron [Gillen] did and what Tom Taylor did and what Matt [Fraction] did is just so special. What I’ve done is taken a page right out of the Joss Whedon ASTONISHING X-MEN playbook and just dove into the character as if this was the first episode of a brand-new season for these characters. Nothing gets thrown out but everything gets stripped away that isn’t about him right now. And with that you get the opportunity to bring in new villain and some classic villains, new relationships and some classic relationships, surprising new relationships with characters he’s already known in the Marvel Universe. New armor, new technology, a new mindset for a futurist who has taken it on the chin a few times and is resetting himself as far as what his agenda is as a super hero. All these things are going to come at you in the next few months.

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Doctor Strange

The brand new series, written by Jason Aaron (Thor, Weirdworld) with art by Chris Bachalo (Uncanny X-Men, Incredible Hulk), will not only serve as a reinvention of the classic character but will also explore him in a deeper way than ever before. “This is a Doctor Strange who is going to get hurt real bad, real quick. And who is also going to make you feel things,” Marvel editor Nick Lowe explained to EW. “And not just think things, but feel things… hopefully a little bit of both.”

We spoke exclusively with Aaron and Lowe about what kinds of surprises readers can expect from this new run, the experience of putting this series together, and more.

EW: Let’s talk a little bit about what makes this Doctor Strange series different.

JASON AARON: We wanted a Doctor Strange who was always having to work for what he gets, and to show that when he shows up and uses his powers, it’s not like Captain America throwing his shield or Thor throwing his hammer. Strange has to worry about repercussions that those other heroes don’t have to worry about, because he’s a Sorcerer Supreme. We’re talking about the forces of magic. So whatever he does has repressions. Any of this stuff with magic, there’s always a cost to it. I think that’s kind of the only rule of magic we ever really talk about—everything he does, there’s a price to it. So he always has to kind of balance those skills and worry, “if I save the day here, what repercussions will that have for me, or elsewhere in the world? We liked him having to deal with that, and liked him being able to get his hands a little dirty, rather than just having him stand around, waving his hands and saving the day.
(Via EW)

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Amazing Spider-Man

Dan Slott talked to MTV about the new status quo for Peter Parker as well as how Miles Morales factors into the wall-crawler’s equation.

“Peter Parker has stepped up. He’s grown. He’s become the Peter Parker we’ve always hoped he was going to be,” Slott said. “This company, with Peter’s inventions and Peter’s gumption has gone to new heights.”

The company Slott refers to is a rejuvenated Parker Industries, which Slott introduced earlier in his run on the Spider-Man titles. MTV describes the “All-New All Different” Peter Parker as a “globe-spanning entrepreneur and inventor” heading up the tech company as a “less angsty” version of Iron Man’s Stark Industries.

“He’s operating with Parker industries in not just New York, but also Shanghai and San Francisco and London,” said Slott. “He’s going to be a far more global Spider-Man, and with that is going to come all new global threats. Things that will really test Spider-Man like never before.”

In Parker’s new status quo, he’ll have a bodyguard that also borrows from Iron Man lore: Spider-Man. Just as Tony Stark distanced himself from being Iron Man, Peter Parker will have Spider-Man as a bodyguard as a public disguise. As part of it, Parker will have an upgraded tech-heavy costume designed by Alex Ross.

“The things this suit will be able to do and the innovations that Peter Parker has put into it will be astounding,” explained the writer. “and when you want to take something to the next level, you go, and make it look real, you go, ’hey Alex Ross, take your best shot.’”

In addition to a new suit, Parker has put his mind to creating a new Spider-Mobile that series editor Nick Lowe says will be driving the streets of Shanghai in the first issue.

Via Newsarama

Sweet Christmas! Power Man and Iron Fist are Back!

Many think of Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man when they think of Marvel Comics, but as movie goers have learned after witnessing the wondrous Guardians of the Galaxy, there is a nearly bottomless bucket of characters from what has been called House of Ideas.
One of the more popular cult hits of the 70’s-80’s era of Marvel is Power Man and Iron Fist, a buddy cop meets superhero concept uniting the street level urban crime fighting of Luke Cage, Power Man with blue-eyed martial artist Iron Fist. The result was an unusual monthly book in which the heroes bonded, struggled to make a life of doing good pay the bills, had romances and even battled soda machines.
Created by Archie Goodwin and John Romita, Sr. (and drawn by the great George Tuska), Luke Cage was one of Marvel’s many creations that catered to the times (such as Son of Satan and Ghost Rider), in this case the then-popular Blaxploitation films such as Super Fly. A reluctant gang member Willis Stryker, Cage was framed for possession of heroin by a jealous crime boss and then experimented on in prison, giving him unbreakable skin and super strength that rivaled Ben Grimm’s. He sought out justice against his old friend Stryker and in the aftermath set up business as a ‘hero for hire.’

(More on Luke Cage)
Iron Fist
Danny Rand was created Roy Thomas and Gil Kane to cash in on the Bruce Lee craze. Having trained in the mythical city of K’un-L’un, Rand bested the mighty dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, taking its power into himself, the ability to channel his chi into his fist, making it a thing unto iron.

(more on Iron Fist)

While their success waned in the 90’s, Power Man and Iron Fist have become more popular in recent years due to creators raising them once again to the attention of young readers. If not for the attention of Brian Michael Bendis who made Luke Cage an Avenger and Matt Fraction who crafted a lush mythology around Iron Fist (the new series by Kaare Andrews is great too!), the characters would surely have been forgotten.

Both characters will be receiving their own TV programs on Netflix next year alongside Daredevil and Jessica Jones. They will also be reuniting in print for what looks like a must read series.

Via Newsarama:
Marvel is relaunching Power Man & Iron Fist as a new series in 2016, as revealed by Marvel at Fast Company. Writer David Walker (Cyborg, Shaft) and Sanford Greene (Runaways) are reuniting the one-time “Heroes For Hire” in a new series as part of “All-New All-Different Marvel” and in advance of the characters’ individual TV series on Netflix.

“About a year ago or so, [Marvel Editor-In-Chief] Axel Alonso asked me to list all the characters that I wanted to work with the most,” said Walker. “He said, ‘Don’t be limited—go as big as you want.’ At the very top of that list were Luke Cage and Danny Rand, and I put in parentheses after their names: ‘as a team.’ Because this was something that I’d wanted to see for years and years. That particular duo, they’re so iconic. As a writer, you love interesting characters, and those two characters are so fun to delve into. They are the ultimate bromantic couple.”

It’s been years since Luke Cage has gone by the “Power Man” name, and Walker is quick to note how much the character has evolved.

“Luke has grown more than most characters have in the past 35 to 40 years,” the writer said. “He has a kid, he’s married to someone who is a prominent player in the Marvel universe. . . . In comics as in real life, once you have a kid, everything is different.”

Although things might have changed since this team’s debut in 1978, series artist Sanford Greene said he didn’t want to forget Cage’s original look all together.

“As much as I’d love to put the tiara in there . . . ” Greene laughs. “But I did want to play off their classic looks. [The original costume] is a very highly regarded look, so I wanted to key in on some of that and make it look current, I wanted to play more into his new role as a husband and a father—more ‘business casual.'”

Series editor Jacob Thomas said that villains such as Tombstone and Black Mariah — the latter of which has been cast in the Luke Cage Netflix series — will be in Power Man & Iron Fist.

Power Man & Iron Fist is scheduled to debut in early 2016.

Essential Luke Cage Power Man Volume 1 TPB
Iron Fist Epic Collection: The Fury of Iron Fist
Power Man & Iron Fist Epic Collection: Heroes for Hire
Immortal Iron Fist: The Complete Collection
Luke Cage Noir


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DreddDredd Movie Comic Sequel Metal Keyring, $14.99

“Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”

Art by andydaroo

Art by andydaroo

The Time Lords and Daleks waged a war that nearly ripped reality apart. After being dragged into the fray, the Doctor nearly died then took a drastic action that forever changed the course of his history.

Finally, the story of the Time War is being told. The great people at Big Finish are launching a new series of adventures starring Paul McGann and John Hurt as the time travelling adventurer in his darkest hour.


(Click on the cover image to pre-order from Big Finish)

In December 2015, the Time War will rage and only one man can save us. John Hurt is The War Doctor!

John Hurt, the world-renowned star of film and television, is returning to the role of The War Doctor, in twelve full-cast Doctor Who audio plays.

The War Doctor was introduced for Doctor Who’s Fiftieth Anniversary, and played a key part in the record-breaking television special The Day of the Doctor, alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors. He is the secret incarnation of the Time Lord — but he has shunned the title ‘Doctor’ in order to fight in the Time War against the Daleks.

“I have been a huge fan of John since first seeing him in the repeats of I, Claudius in the 1980s and in his Oscar-nominated role as the eponymous The Elephant Man,’ says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘Watching his performance in The Day of the Doctor I did find myself fantasising that some far off day we might have the chance to work with him on the audio adventures of Doctor Who and now two short years later it’s happened! John wove a fantastic character together from a great script by Steven Moffat. Now we have the chance to get to know that character more and hear John stretch in the role. We’re all in for a hell of a ride as the War Doctor engages in battle. But who are the greater threat – the Daleks or the Time Lords?”

The audio adventures of The War Doctor will be told over four box sets, each containing three linked hour-long episodes. The first box set is entitled Only The Monstrous, and is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, whose many successes for Big Finish include the BBC Audio Award-winning masterpiece Doctor Who: Dark Eyes.

“The story of the Doctor who refuses to call himself the Doctor in order to do the unthinkable upon the ultimate battlefield — all of space and time — was irresistible to me,” says Nicholas. “Such a deeply disturbing and engaging character created by the formidable talents of writer Steven Moffat and actor John Hurt. It’s such a privilege to be working on this.”

The cast of The War Doctor also includes Jacqueline Pearce, who plays Time Lord Cardinal Ollistra — an arch manipulator who is waging the Time War against the Daleks. Jacqueline’s work includes The Avengers, Callan, Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, Moondial and Russell T Davies’ Dark Season, and she is known to many science fiction fans for her role as Servalan in the cult classic Blake’s 7.

Only The Monstrous will be released in December 2015, and will be followed in February 2016 by the second volume, Infernal Devices, which is written by John Dorney, Phil Mulryne and Matt Fitton. Volumes Three and Four are currently in pre-production.

“What an utter privilege it is to work with such an iconic actor, playing such a brilliantly devised role,” says producer David Richardson. “This is Doctor Who at its darkest — the era in which our hero casts aside his core values in order to try and save the galaxy in its most terrible hour. We promise bold and brilliant story-telling with gripping character drama, and epic and cinematic audio productions.”


(Click on the cover image to pre-order from Big Finish)

In addition to The War Doctor, November 2017 also sees a prequel box set to the saga, Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor — The Time War, which will follow the early stages of the Time War from the Eighth Doctor’s perspective. Paul McGann stars, alongside characters first introduced in the War Doctor box sets.

You can pre-order all four box sets of Doctor Who: The War Doctor, plus Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor – The Time War today from the Big Finish website, priced just £20 each on both CD and Download, or all five available in a single bundle for easy ordering. Pre-orders on CD have free UK postage, and anyone buying on CD through the Big Finish website gets access to the Download version on release.

As a bonus, here is a lovely documentary on Third Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee ‘Reverse the Polarity.’ Filmed in 1992 to coincide with the VHS release of the Pertwee Years (have you still got your copy??),it offers a lovely inside look at the charming actor as he looks back upon his career and shows no sign of slowing down.

Scary Movies: ‘Asylum’ (1972)

‘Never turn your back on a patient.’
An anthology film consisting of four tales (“Frozen Fear,” “The Weird Tailor,” “Lucy Comes To Stay,” and “Mannikins of Horror”) with a framing story, Asylum is from Amicus. Based in world famous Shepperton Studios, Amicus produced horror from 60’s and 70’s (as well as the only Doctor Who feature films to date). They are primarily known for this type of anthology movie which is an economic treat as it offers up numerous short stories whereas most movies provide just the one.

The framing tale centers on Dr. Martin, a young man attending the weirdest job interview ever at a mental institution. He visits four patients and listens to their ramblings as the viewer is taken along for a flashback. It’s yet another case in a long line of films in which the mentally ill are presented as incurably demented and lost and the treatment is barbaric. That said… gripping stuff.

Written by Robert Bloch (of Psycho fame) and directed by Roy Ward Baker who had previously worked on the excellent Quatermass and The Pit as well as the controversial Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Asylum is a portmanteau piece starring luminaries of horror and cult film such as Peter Cushing, Patrick Magee, Britt Ekland and Barry Morse. The asylum itself is a test of sorts as Dr. Martin must guess which of the patients is former Doctor Starr, who recently lost his marbles and is now incurably insane.

In fact, all of the patients are deemed incurable. Luckily they also have tantalizing tales to tell explaining how they ended up at the asylum. It’s all traditional fare in the vein of Poe or the pulps, but the segments are told with aplomb and directed with a remarkable eye for the fantastic.

The performances are by and large downplayed with a few exceptions such as Barry Morse (of Space 1999) playing the part of the down on his luck tailor constructing a suit made from otherworldly material for Peter Cushing (the stand out part of the film for me).

‘Georgy Girl’ starlet Charlotte Ramping is stunning as a young woman losing her mind as she pops pills and is visited by Britt Eckland (we should all be so lucky) and Richard Todd finds a unique (though tried and true) method of divorce… with disastrous results.

A fun and witty romp, Asylum is full of creepy yet entertaining moments (the clockwork homunculus is both stirring and side-splitting) and features a remarkable cast and a sharply written script. The violence is mostly downplayed and the usual titillation found in movies of this era is absent, making this a relatively tame horror flick. If you are a fan of other Amicus films of the 1970’s, this is right up your alley and the perfect way to spent a cold October evening.



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Chair #1 (One Shot)(Blank Sketch Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Fourth Doctor Adventures Return To Telos Audio CD, $18.99
Doctor Who The Warehouse Audio CD, $24.99
Disciples #4 (MR), $3.99
673756_young-terrorists-1-2nd-printingYoung Terrorists #1 (Tess Fowler & Tamra Bonvillain 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $6.99
Aquaman #44 (Trevor McCarthy Regular Cover), $3.99
675977_batman-annual-4Batman Annual #4, $4.99
Justice League #44 (Jason Fabok Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who Figurine Collection #42 (Terileptil), $20.00
DrWho_GoodDalekDoctor Who Figurine Collection #43 (Good Dalek), $20.00
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #4 (Of 5)(Cover RI Robert Hack), AR
Godzilla_inHell_3Godzilla In Hell #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Buster Moody), $3.99
XMen_E Is For ExtinctionE Is For Extinction #4, $3.99
Ghost Racers #4 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Greenberg The Vampire TP, $15.99
Hail Hydra #3 (David Aja Variant Cover), AR
Inferno #5, $3.99
Invincible Iron Man #1 (David Marquez Premiere Preview Variant Cover), AR
Monster Of FrankensteinMonster Of Frankenstein TP, $39.99
Moon Knight Volume 3 In The Night TP, $16.99
Kaijumax #6 (Gabo Variant Cover), $3.99
Rick And Morty #6 (Andrew MacLean Variant Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Archives Omnibus Volume 1 TP, $24.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #1 (Alex Ronald Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor #12 (Rian Hughes Regular Cover), $3.99
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Elvira Coffin Leggings MED, $36.00
AUG152543Godzilla 12-Inch Long 1954 Version Action Figure, $24.99

Moon Knight ascends into madness with new series

A soldier of fortune, Marc Spector discovered the temple of the Egyptian god Konshu during a mission to loot the nearby treasure. Betrayed by his employer and left for dead, Spector is resurrected by the worshipers of Konshu and reborn as an avenger of the night, the ‘Fist of Konshu.’

Since he has become the instrument of Konshu’s might, Spector has walked the line between madness and reality without much success. In the forthcoming series from Green Arrow and Hawkeye scribe Jeff Lemire, Spector has ended up in a mental institution… or has he always been there?

“I want to write one of the very best Moon Knight stories ever,” said Lemire. “One that touches on every aspect of the character’s history and also breaks new ground and shows readers a Moon Knight they’ve never seen before. It’s a very ambitious story that should please long time Moon Knight fans, but also be totally fresh and welcoming to new readers. As lofty as my ambitions are, I’m lucky that I have Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire on my side.”

Marc Spector has been defending New York City for years as the masked vigilante known as Moon Knight. Or has he? Waking up in an insane asylum shakes that confidence. Turns out he’s been institutionalized since he was a child. But that can’t be true. Can it? Today, Marvel is pleased to announce MOON KNIGHT #1 – the brand new series coming next year from creators Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men, Sweet Tooth) and Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight)!

His mind is full of identities, and he no longer knows which is real. Now residing in a mental health facility, his thoughts are clouded and he has no idea what to believe. If he calls to Khonshu, he believes the ancient Egyptian lunar god will answer. Is this a sign he still clings to his sanity, or has it slipped from him completely? If Khonshu answers his prayers – what could he ask in return this time?

“To me Marc is a very ill man,” says series writer Jeff Lemire, in an interview with “And being Moon Knight is either going to be a part of that illness, and ultimately destroy him, or it is going to be his path to salvation.”

Dive deep into Moon Knight’s psyche on a mad trip through Manhattan as Lemire and Smallwood bring you a super hero adventure unlike any you’ve read before! Prepare for an all-new MOON KNIGHT #1 – coming Spring 2016!

Via Newsarama

Rumor is that Moon Knight could be part of Marvel’s next wave of Netflix streaming programs. If so, the vigilante will soon become a household name of sorts. So get yourself educated!


Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials)
Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 2 (Marvel Essentials)
Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom (Book Market Edition)
Moon Knight Vol. 2: Midnight Sun

International Rescue returns for a trio of new Thunderbirds adventures

5… 4… 3… 2… 1.

Thunderbirds are GO!


In the traditional supermarionation manner (rather than CGi), new adventures are being produced in the original studio in Slough. While Gerry Anderson would likely shake his head in confusion as to why anyone would willingly recreate a product similar to the programs he worked on which caused him so much frustration (puppets are almost impossible to work with).

Nevertheless, I’m pleased as punch. More as it comes.

It is 50 years since International Rescue’s first mission blasted off from Tracy Island.

Now, Thunderbirds are go again, but this time the classic show which entertained generations will be returning with all the strings attached.
To mark the anniversary this month, a new project is hoping to recapture the magic of the original episodes.

Richard Stanley to adapt Lovecraft’s Colour Out of Space

“It was just a colour out of space—a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the black extra-cosmic gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes.”

Considered by many to be one of Lovecraft’s best works, the short story Colour Out of Space will soon become a motion picture… again. This will mark the third instance in which the story has been adapted, previously as Die, Monster, Die! in 1965 and later as The Curse in 87.

The film is an adaptation of famed “weird” author H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, “The Colour Out of Space,” about a meteorite that drives people insane. Stanley will direct and pen the screenplay for the project, which he has been working on for several years. “There needs to be a scary Lovecraft movie,” Stanley said last year. “I want to make a bad trip film and ‘The Colour…’ definitely has what it takes to be a very, very bad trip indeed.”

“H.P. Lovecraft is the undisputed father of literary horror, and yet, bafflingly, there has yet to be a cinematic treatment that captures the dark beauty of the man’s oeuvre,” said SpectreVision cofounder Daniel Noah, in a statement. “Richard Stanley’s note perfect adaptation of Color Out of Space represents an epiphany for me — as it no doubt will be for legions of Lovecraft devotees around the world.”

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Richard Stanley was once regarded as the next big thing in Hollywood, before the mega project Island of Dr. Moreau blew up. He’s a gifted director and has a very distinctive vision which should make this film a delight. I’m a big fan of Stanley’s other films, Hardware and Dust Devil. The documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau is currently streaming on Netflix and well worth a look.

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