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Doctor Who City Of Death HC, $26.95
SpaceRiders4Space Riders #4 (Of 4), $3.99
Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Volume 3 HC, 24.99
Cinefex #143, $12.50
Astro City Private Lives TP, $16.99
batman-and-robin-eternal-1Batman And Robin Eternal #1 (Tony S. Daniel Regular Cover), $3.99
Crisis On Infinite Earths Deluxe Edition HC, $49.99
Detective Comics #45 (Andrew Robinson Regular Cover), $3.99
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15, $3.99
Bond By Design The Art of James Bond Films HC, $50.00
Disney Book HC, $30.00
Great LEGO Sets A Visual History HC, $40.00
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AUG151976FLEGO I Love That Minifigure HC, $18.99
Marvel’s The Avengers Encyclopedia HC, $40.00
Star Wars Rebels The Epic Battle Visual Guide HC, $16.99
Justice Inc The Avenger #5 (Cover A Francesco Francavilla), $3.99
Masks 2 #7 (Of 8)(Cover A Butch Guice), $3.99
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Transformers Vs G.I. JOE #9 (Cover SUB David Lafuente), $3.99
X-Files 30 Days Of Night HC, $24.99
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X-Files Season 11 #3 (Artist’s Edition Blank Sketch Variant Cover), $3.99
StarWars_RiseofEmpireStar Wars The Rise Of The Empire SC, $15.00
All-New All-Different Point One #1 (Mike Del Mundo Regular Cover), $5.99
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Avengers #0 (Kenneth Rocafort Regular Cover), $5.99
Contest Of Champions #1 (Paco Medina Regular Cover), $4.99
674726_doctor-strange-1Doctor Strange #1 (Chris Bachalo Regular Cover), $4.99
invincible-iron-man-1Invincible Iron Man #1 (David Marquez Regular Cover), $3.99
Journey To Star Wars The Force Awakens Shattered Empire #2 (Of 4)(Marco Checchetto Regular Cover), $3.99
Marvel Legacy Of Jack Kirby Slipcase HC, $49.99
Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions Volume 1 TP, $7.99
Old Man Logan #5, $3.99
secretWars_6Secret Wars #6 (Of 9)(Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Spider-Island #5 (Of 5), $3.99
675835_star-wars-10-action-figure-variantStar Wars #10 (Stuart Immonen Regular Cover), $3.99
Rick And Morty #4 (Drew Rausch 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who Heroes And Monsters Collection SC, $9.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #1 (Alex Ronald Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #1 (Subscription Photo Cover), $3.99
Batman_Jar1966 Batman Logo Cookie Jar, $39.99
DreddDredd Movie Comic Sequel Metal Keyring, $14.99

“Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame.”

Art by andydaroo

Art by andydaroo

The Time Lords and Daleks waged a war that nearly ripped reality apart. After being dragged into the fray, the Doctor nearly died then took a drastic action that forever changed the course of his history.

Finally, the story of the Time War is being told. The great people at Big Finish are launching a new series of adventures starring Paul McGann and John Hurt as the time travelling adventurer in his darkest hour.


(Click on the cover image to pre-order from Big Finish)

In December 2015, the Time War will rage and only one man can save us. John Hurt is The War Doctor!

John Hurt, the world-renowned star of film and television, is returning to the role of The War Doctor, in twelve full-cast Doctor Who audio plays.

The War Doctor was introduced for Doctor Who’s Fiftieth Anniversary, and played a key part in the record-breaking television special The Day of the Doctor, alongside David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Doctors. He is the secret incarnation of the Time Lord — but he has shunned the title ‘Doctor’ in order to fight in the Time War against the Daleks.

“I have been a huge fan of John since first seeing him in the repeats of I, Claudius in the 1980s and in his Oscar-nominated role as the eponymous The Elephant Man,’ says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. ‘Watching his performance in The Day of the Doctor I did find myself fantasising that some far off day we might have the chance to work with him on the audio adventures of Doctor Who and now two short years later it’s happened! John wove a fantastic character together from a great script by Steven Moffat. Now we have the chance to get to know that character more and hear John stretch in the role. We’re all in for a hell of a ride as the War Doctor engages in battle. But who are the greater threat – the Daleks or the Time Lords?”

The audio adventures of The War Doctor will be told over four box sets, each containing three linked hour-long episodes. The first box set is entitled Only The Monstrous, and is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs, whose many successes for Big Finish include the BBC Audio Award-winning masterpiece Doctor Who: Dark Eyes.

“The story of the Doctor who refuses to call himself the Doctor in order to do the unthinkable upon the ultimate battlefield — all of space and time — was irresistible to me,” says Nicholas. “Such a deeply disturbing and engaging character created by the formidable talents of writer Steven Moffat and actor John Hurt. It’s such a privilege to be working on this.”

The cast of The War Doctor also includes Jacqueline Pearce, who plays Time Lord Cardinal Ollistra — an arch manipulator who is waging the Time War against the Daleks. Jacqueline’s work includes The Avengers, Callan, Doctor Who: Death Comes to Time, Moondial and Russell T Davies’ Dark Season, and she is known to many science fiction fans for her role as Servalan in the cult classic Blake’s 7.

Only The Monstrous will be released in December 2015, and will be followed in February 2016 by the second volume, Infernal Devices, which is written by John Dorney, Phil Mulryne and Matt Fitton. Volumes Three and Four are currently in pre-production.

“What an utter privilege it is to work with such an iconic actor, playing such a brilliantly devised role,” says producer David Richardson. “This is Doctor Who at its darkest — the era in which our hero casts aside his core values in order to try and save the galaxy in its most terrible hour. We promise bold and brilliant story-telling with gripping character drama, and epic and cinematic audio productions.”


(Click on the cover image to pre-order from Big Finish)

In addition to The War Doctor, November 2017 also sees a prequel box set to the saga, Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor — The Time War, which will follow the early stages of the Time War from the Eighth Doctor’s perspective. Paul McGann stars, alongside characters first introduced in the War Doctor box sets.

You can pre-order all four box sets of Doctor Who: The War Doctor, plus Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor – The Time War today from the Big Finish website, priced just £20 each on both CD and Download, or all five available in a single bundle for easy ordering. Pre-orders on CD have free UK postage, and anyone buying on CD through the Big Finish website gets access to the Download version on release.

As a bonus, here is a lovely documentary on Third Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee ‘Reverse the Polarity.’ Filmed in 1992 to coincide with the VHS release of the Pertwee Years (have you still got your copy??),it offers a lovely inside look at the charming actor as he looks back upon his career and shows no sign of slowing down.

Scary Movies: ‘Asylum’ (1972)

‘Never turn your back on a patient.’
An anthology film consisting of four tales (“Frozen Fear,” “The Weird Tailor,” “Lucy Comes To Stay,” and “Mannikins of Horror”) with a framing story, Asylum is from Amicus. Based in world famous Shepperton Studios, Amicus produced horror from 60’s and 70’s (as well as the only Doctor Who feature films to date). They are primarily known for this type of anthology movie which is an economic treat as it offers up numerous short stories whereas most movies provide just the one.

The framing tale centers on Dr. Martin, a young man attending the weirdest job interview ever at a mental institution. He visits four patients and listens to their ramblings as the viewer is taken along for a flashback. It’s yet another case in a long line of films in which the mentally ill are presented as incurably demented and lost and the treatment is barbaric. That said… gripping stuff.

Written by Robert Bloch (of Psycho fame) and directed by Roy Ward Baker who had previously worked on the excellent Quatermass and The Pit as well as the controversial Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Asylum is a portmanteau piece starring luminaries of horror and cult film such as Peter Cushing, Patrick Magee, Britt Ekland and Barry Morse. The asylum itself is a test of sorts as Dr. Martin must guess which of the patients is former Doctor Starr, who recently lost his marbles and is now incurably insane.

In fact, all of the patients are deemed incurable. Luckily they also have tantalizing tales to tell explaining how they ended up at the asylum. It’s all traditional fare in the vein of Poe or the pulps, but the segments are told with aplomb and directed with a remarkable eye for the fantastic.

The performances are by and large downplayed with a few exceptions such as Barry Morse (of Space 1999) playing the part of the down on his luck tailor constructing a suit made from otherworldly material for Peter Cushing (the stand out part of the film for me).

‘Georgy Girl’ starlet Charlotte Ramping is stunning as a young woman losing her mind as she pops pills and is visited by Britt Eckland (we should all be so lucky) and Richard Todd finds a unique (though tried and true) method of divorce… with disastrous results.

A fun and witty romp, Asylum is full of creepy yet entertaining moments (the clockwork homunculus is both stirring and side-splitting) and features a remarkable cast and a sharply written script. The violence is mostly downplayed and the usual titillation found in movies of this era is absent, making this a relatively tame horror flick. If you are a fan of other Amicus films of the 1970’s, this is right up your alley and the perfect way to spent a cold October evening.



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(note: all information including ad copy is from the publisher)
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Chair #1 (One Shot)(Blank Sketch Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Fourth Doctor Adventures Return To Telos Audio CD, $18.99
Doctor Who The Warehouse Audio CD, $24.99
Disciples #4 (MR), $3.99
673756_young-terrorists-1-2nd-printingYoung Terrorists #1 (Tess Fowler & Tamra Bonvillain 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $6.99
Aquaman #44 (Trevor McCarthy Regular Cover), $3.99
675977_batman-annual-4Batman Annual #4, $4.99
Justice League #44 (Jason Fabok Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who Figurine Collection #42 (Terileptil), $20.00
DrWho_GoodDalekDoctor Who Figurine Collection #43 (Good Dalek), $20.00
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency #4 (Of 5)(Cover RI Robert Hack), AR
Godzilla_inHell_3Godzilla In Hell #3 (Of 5)(Cover A Buster Moody), $3.99
XMen_E Is For ExtinctionE Is For Extinction #4, $3.99
Ghost Racers #4 (Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover), $3.99
Greenberg The Vampire TP, $15.99
Hail Hydra #3 (David Aja Variant Cover), AR
Inferno #5, $3.99
Invincible Iron Man #1 (David Marquez Premiere Preview Variant Cover), AR
Monster Of FrankensteinMonster Of Frankenstein TP, $39.99
Moon Knight Volume 3 In The Night TP, $16.99
Kaijumax #6 (Gabo Variant Cover), $3.99
Rick And Morty #6 (Andrew MacLean Variant Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Archives Omnibus Volume 1 TP, $24.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #1 (Alex Ronald Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor #12 (Rian Hughes Regular Cover), $3.99
Daredevil Repent Previews Exclusive Black T-Shirt LG
, $16.99
Doctor Who Allover Tardis Crew Socks 2-Pack, $10.00
Elvira Coffin Leggings MED, $36.00
AUG152543Godzilla 12-Inch Long 1954 Version Action Figure, $24.99

Moon Knight ascends into madness with new series

A soldier of fortune, Marc Spector discovered the temple of the Egyptian god Konshu during a mission to loot the nearby treasure. Betrayed by his employer and left for dead, Spector is resurrected by the worshipers of Konshu and reborn as an avenger of the night, the ‘Fist of Konshu.’

Since he has become the instrument of Konshu’s might, Spector has walked the line between madness and reality without much success. In the forthcoming series from Green Arrow and Hawkeye scribe Jeff Lemire, Spector has ended up in a mental institution… or has he always been there?

“I want to write one of the very best Moon Knight stories ever,” said Lemire. “One that touches on every aspect of the character’s history and also breaks new ground and shows readers a Moon Knight they’ve never seen before. It’s a very ambitious story that should please long time Moon Knight fans, but also be totally fresh and welcoming to new readers. As lofty as my ambitions are, I’m lucky that I have Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire on my side.”

Marc Spector has been defending New York City for years as the masked vigilante known as Moon Knight. Or has he? Waking up in an insane asylum shakes that confidence. Turns out he’s been institutionalized since he was a child. But that can’t be true. Can it? Today, Marvel is pleased to announce MOON KNIGHT #1 – the brand new series coming next year from creators Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men, Sweet Tooth) and Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight)!

His mind is full of identities, and he no longer knows which is real. Now residing in a mental health facility, his thoughts are clouded and he has no idea what to believe. If he calls to Khonshu, he believes the ancient Egyptian lunar god will answer. Is this a sign he still clings to his sanity, or has it slipped from him completely? If Khonshu answers his prayers – what could he ask in return this time?

“To me Marc is a very ill man,” says series writer Jeff Lemire, in an interview with “And being Moon Knight is either going to be a part of that illness, and ultimately destroy him, or it is going to be his path to salvation.”

Dive deep into Moon Knight’s psyche on a mad trip through Manhattan as Lemire and Smallwood bring you a super hero adventure unlike any you’ve read before! Prepare for an all-new MOON KNIGHT #1 – coming Spring 2016!

Via Newsarama

Rumor is that Moon Knight could be part of Marvel’s next wave of Netflix streaming programs. If so, the vigilante will soon become a household name of sorts. So get yourself educated!


Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials)
Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 2 (Marvel Essentials)
Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom (Book Market Edition)
Moon Knight Vol. 2: Midnight Sun

International Rescue returns for a trio of new Thunderbirds adventures

5… 4… 3… 2… 1.

Thunderbirds are GO!


In the traditional supermarionation manner (rather than CGi), new adventures are being produced in the original studio in Slough. While Gerry Anderson would likely shake his head in confusion as to why anyone would willingly recreate a product similar to the programs he worked on which caused him so much frustration (puppets are almost impossible to work with).

Nevertheless, I’m pleased as punch. More as it comes.

It is 50 years since International Rescue’s first mission blasted off from Tracy Island.

Now, Thunderbirds are go again, but this time the classic show which entertained generations will be returning with all the strings attached.
To mark the anniversary this month, a new project is hoping to recapture the magic of the original episodes.

Richard Stanley to adapt Lovecraft’s Colour Out of Space

“It was just a colour out of space—a frightful messenger from unformed realms of infinity beyond all Nature as we know it; from realms whose mere existence stuns the brain and numbs us with the black extra-cosmic gulfs it throws open before our frenzied eyes.”

Considered by many to be one of Lovecraft’s best works, the short story Colour Out of Space will soon become a motion picture… again. This will mark the third instance in which the story has been adapted, previously as Die, Monster, Die! in 1965 and later as The Curse in 87.

The film is an adaptation of famed “weird” author H.P. Lovecraft’s short story, “The Colour Out of Space,” about a meteorite that drives people insane. Stanley will direct and pen the screenplay for the project, which he has been working on for several years. “There needs to be a scary Lovecraft movie,” Stanley said last year. “I want to make a bad trip film and ‘The Colour…’ definitely has what it takes to be a very, very bad trip indeed.”

“H.P. Lovecraft is the undisputed father of literary horror, and yet, bafflingly, there has yet to be a cinematic treatment that captures the dark beauty of the man’s oeuvre,” said SpectreVision cofounder Daniel Noah, in a statement. “Richard Stanley’s note perfect adaptation of Color Out of Space represents an epiphany for me — as it no doubt will be for legions of Lovecraft devotees around the world.”

Read more

Richard Stanley was once regarded as the next big thing in Hollywood, before the mega project Island of Dr. Moreau blew up. He’s a gifted director and has a very distinctive vision which should make this film a delight. I’m a big fan of Stanley’s other films, Hardware and Dust Devil. The documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau is currently streaming on Netflix and well worth a look.

This Week At Your Comic Shop 9/23/15

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Famous Monsters Presents Gunsuits #4 (Of 4)(Cover B Darick Robertson), $3.99
Doctor Who The New Adventures Of Bernice Summerfield Volume 2 The Triumph Of Sutekh Audio CD, $49.99
Doctor Who Big Bang Generation SC, $9.99
DrWho_DeepTimeDoctor Who Deep Time SC, $9.99
Doctor Who Royal Blood SC, $9.99
Astro City #27, $3.99
Astro City Volume 2 Confession HC (New Edition), $24.99
Batman66-27Batman ’66 #27, $2.99
StarTrekStarships_USSCentaurStar Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collectors Magazine #52 (USS Centaur), $20.00
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collectors Magazine #53 (Klingon Attack Ship), $20.00
Shrinking Man #3 (Of 4)(Cover A Mark Torres), $3.99
Elephantmen #66, $3.99
Manhattan Projects The Sun Beyond The Stars #3, $3.50
Mythic #4 (Cover A John McCrea), $3.99
Rumble #7, $3.50
Tech Jacket #11, $2.99
ThiefOfThieves_31Thief Of Thieves #31, $2.99
1872_31872 #3 (Francesco Francavilla Variant Cover), $3.99
Fury S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1 (Christian Ward Variant Cover), AR
Weirdworld_4Weirdworld #4 (Mike Del Mundo Regular Cover), $3.99
Star Wars Insider #160 (Newsstand Edition), $7.99
Doctor Who Event 2015 Four Doctors #5 (Mark Buckingham Regular Cover), $3.99
Batman_UtilityBeltBatman Utility Belt Adult, $15.99
StarTrek_Phaser_FannyPackStar Trek Phaser Fanny Pack, $39.95

Doctor Who and The Magician’s Apprentice

“This is the last will and testament of the Time Lord known as the Doctor.”

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Story 9.01
Written by Steven Moffat
Transmitted 19 September

On far off Skaro, war has been waged between the Kaleds and Thals for so long that a weird blend of old and new technology from biological warfare to the bow and arrow are used by troops on the battlefield. A young boy finds himself in a ‘hand-mine field’ and is set for a grisly death until the Doctor arrives to save his life. However, when the Doctor asks the boy his name, he discovers that it is none other than the creator of the Daleks known as Davros.

Skaro is presented with such wild abandon and inventive glee, giving life to the vision first presented in 1974’s Genesis of the Daleks with boy soldiers fighting a war that degraded a planet’s culture. As openers go, this was a jaw-dropper.

From there, we are given glimpses of Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat’s Star Wars-esque cantina where weird aliens listen to Nick Cave, then a quick trip to the super obscure Shadow Proclamation (remember them??) Visiting both is one of the most unintentionally hilarious aliens ever in Doctor Who, a man made of snakes who moves like he is wearing roller blades and wriggles ‘in thought’ as if he is either about to erupt into giggles or is secretly pleasuring himself under his robes. He is of course looking for the Doctor because, ‘Davros knows.’ The Doctor is uncharacteristically hiding out, though and no one can seem to find him.

On contemporary Earth, Clara Oswin is teaching at Coal Hill School when she notices a passenger jet hovering in the sky, as if frozen in time. She urges her class to check their phones, especially Twitter, for news. She is then drafted into active duty by U.N.I.T. who have apparently been searching Google (and Twitter) for clues and frantically waiting for a cute school teacher to arrive and point out the obvious.

The global security force tasked with protecting the human race from unusual menaces, U.N.I.T. has seen better days. They appear to be winging it with less ability than a lemonade stand thrown together by two puppies and a newt. The Master (sorry, Missy) appears with Toni Bail references and impractical special effects, holding humanity hostage… for tea with Clara.

Yes, everything revolves around the cute as a button Clara.

Missy is in possession of an unusual device, a disc containing the Doctor’s will, to be opened on the event of his death. She states at length that she and the Doctor are old friends and that Clara is ‘simply a pet dog’ in comparison. Yet even Missy cannot find the Doctor, but Clara, using a laptop, can.

This leads to one of the most embarrassing moments in Doctor Who as the scene shifts to a gladiatorial battle in Essex, 1138. To combat an axe-wielding barbarian, the Doctor arrives atop a tank playing electric guitar and wearing sunglasses. He then makes bad jokes and upon noticing Clara watching from the ramparts, plays Roy Orbison’s Pretty Woman. There had been statements that there would be more comedy, especially after last year’s grimmer year of stories, but this is just taking it too far. Even Clara is flabbergasted by his behavior, and the Doctor states that he is celebrating his last day alive by honoring his many-faceted personality.

It appears that the Doctor has suffered a mental breakdown and is a shattered version of his former self. I’m reminded by a Bob Haney Brave and the Bold comic book in which Batman learns from Adam Strange that he is going to die. Rather than face his demise with expected stoic bravery, Batman turns into a nervous wreck, seeing conspiracy and danger around every turn. I suspect that given his experience encountering young Davros has bent his psyche and he is a demented mess.

In any case, The Doctor, Clara and Missy are all taken to Davros (played with aplomb by the brilliant Julian Bleach) who is also dying and wants the Doctor to bear witness.In another room, Clara and Missy attempt to escape in the TARDIS but are instead cornered by an army of Daleks. Davros watches with glee as his ‘children’ zap first Missy, then Clara and finally the TARDIS into smithereens.

With his friends dead and his ship destroyed, the Doctor returns to the fateful moment where he decided Davros’ future, this time armed with a Dalek weapon. With a wild look in his eyes, he fires…

I desperately wanted to enjoy this story. The design work is phenomenal and the varied Daleks look stunning. While they were not used much, the dreaded pepper pots are effective. Yet the humor is so off-key and absurd and the intelligence of the characters so dim that I find it difficult to get fully invested.

Last year, there was a definite decision to darken the tone of Doctor Who and introduce a colder, more alien and terse incarnation of our hero who willfully stood by while those around him died and referred to humans as ‘pudding brains.’ This year, it seems that Moffat and company have back pedaled to the world of whimsy and wacky humor that we have already seen in Matt Smith’s era.

I am hoping that this is all a red herring as Clara, Missy and even the sonic screwdriver (lost in this story) have all been seen in images from subsequent episodes. The Doctor, here dressed in baggy check trousers, a hoody and t-shirt has been presented as much slicker and more refined in a crushed red velvet jacket in other promotional material. Therefore, I am seeing a massive reset button waiting to be pressed next week.

Despite my grumbling, this is a beautiful looking story and a very outlandish Dalek adventure, the likes of which we have not seen to date. I am intrigued to see where the story can go, but a tale that deals with the consequences of actions is surely going to unravel those problems with magical timey-wimey nonsense as we have seen several times over. If I’m wrong, I will be happy as a mutant clam.


The 2015 ratings so far (via DrWhoTV):

While the UK overnights could have been stronger,The Magician’s Apprentice was the highest rated season premiere to date in the US on BBC America.

The premiere episode ranks as Doctor Who’s biggest season premiere ever overseas in the Adult 18-49 demo, which nearly doubled the Series 8 average. The season debut also saw increased social engagement versus last season’s premiere, and reigned as the most social drama of the night and week leading into the premiere.

“Doctor Who is unlike anything else on television, a storied franchise that is as fresh and contemporary as ever, with brilliant writing and superb performances,” said Sarah Barnett, President of BBC AMERICA. “We couldn’t be more thrilled that new and returning Doctor Who fans tuned into the live premiere in record numbers and we look forward to bringing more of the Doctor to this passionate audience.”

Live + Same Day Ratings Highlights:

  • The premiere telecast delivered 2 million total viewers and 1.1 million Adults 18-49.  Among A18-49, Doctor Who propelled BBC AMERICA to #3 in its timeslot, out-delivering the big 4 broadcast networks and ranking only behind college football on ESPN and the finale of Sábado Gigante on Univision.
  • In the A18-49 demo, Doctor Who is now one of just 14 dramas on TV this season to show any growth from its prior season premiere (out of 100+ returning dramas).
  • The A18-49 audience ranks as Doctor Who’s biggest season premiere ever on BBC AMERICA, nearly doubling the S8 average (+95%). In the demo, episode 901 ranks among the top 10 returning cable drama premieres this season, beating Homeland, Suits and The Strain, among others.
  • All tracked demos showed increases from the season 8 average with the most significant increases seen among the younger demos, most notably P12-24 (+186%) and P18-34 (+161%).
  • The episode reigned as the #1 most social drama of the night based on ListenFirst’s Digital Audience Ratings for Television.  It was the #1 TV brand on Tumblr, the #1 drama on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the #2 drama on Instagram, following The Walking Dead.  It was also the #1 most social drama of the week.
  • Episode 901 garnered larger social engagement than the most recent season premieres of Scandal, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, True Detective, Outlander, Glee, and The Flash, among others.

Next time: The Witch’s Familiar

The 9th series of Doctor Who promises to be yet another in a long line of game changers with everything hanging in the balance. Steven Moffat has leaked numerous details regarding the stories for the year which hint at revelations regarding why the Doctor initially left Gallifrey.

The Radio Times has more details. 

The Blue and Gold set for the silver screen

BBeetle_BGoldFor fans of DC Comics, the Giffen/DeMetteis run on Justice League remains a high water mark of excellence.

Direct on the heels of the miniseries Legends which reset the tone of the DC Universe, the book was an oddball combination of sitcom and action/adventure. It’s something that took fans by surprise, especially as interest in the Justice League had waned over the years. To transform the title that had served as showcase for all of DC’s highest profile characters into an experimental Marx Brothers routine was a bold decision.

Add stellar artist Kevin Maguire to the mix and the series flew off the shelves.

The Justice League comic was such a success that it spawned a spin-off (which had never happened previously) and became one of DC’s most talked about comics. At the time, I was a Marvel Zombie, but the innovations at DC were so compelling that I found myself splitting my monthly pull list between the two publishers. Marvel had plenty of action and angst, but Justice League was… dare I say it… fun.

Justice League #1

Justice League #1

Batman led the most mixed group of heroes to ever star in a team book including Green Lantern Guy Gardner, a man so unstable that a punch to the head changed his personality, the mysterious Doctor Fate, the alien escape artist who just wanted to live a domestic life on Earth and Blue Beetle, a well-meaning acrobat and inventor saved from the Charlton Comics line. A few issues later, another hero was added, Booster Gold.

Booster claimed to be a hero from the far future who traveled back to the current day, but in actuality he had stolen a supersuit and jumped to another time when heroes were regaled in order to become famous. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, two newbies to the world of serious superheroes, bonded and became a duo that captured the affection of readers.

In recent years, Blue Beetle was viciously murdered while Booster Gold met a far kinder fate with convoluted stories which redeemed his self-centered persona by revealing a brave heart underneath it all. Soon the duo will be reunited in comics but an even bigger surprise is that they will be making it to the big screen as well!
Via Newsarama

The Tracking Board is reporting that a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold live-action movie is in development at Warner Bros. The studio has reportedly chosen Greg Berlanti, the prolific writer/producer behind Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, to direct and executive produce the film.

The report goes on to call the unnamed film a “superhero buddy cop movie,” describing it as a “stark contrast” to Warner Bros. more serious superhero films Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

The Tracking Board offered no other details on the film itself, but their report did indicate that the two would also be in “future” Justice League movies.

There is no additional news at this time, but this is a big deal and could be a game changer for Warner Bros who have been dishing out some of the grimmest superhero flicks around. The addition of a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie could soften the edges of their cinematic universe and show fans and critics alike that there’s more you can do with a comic book movie than have big explosions. You can have Bwahahahaha moments too.