CW’s The Flash extended trailer

The fastest man of alive, the sultan of speed, the human whirlwind… the Flash. When what was later referred to as the Silver Age of comics took off, exploding into the revival of the superhero (resulting in the creation of the Marvel Comics Group and much more), many were somewhat surprised to find that the herald of this era was the scarlet speedster known as the Flash. A science-fantasy hero revived from the 1930’s, the Flash was an instant hit and each electrifying issue surpassed the previous one. Against outlandish villains such as Gorilla Grodd, Captain Boomerang, the Weather Wizard, Captain Cold and Mirror Master, Barry Allen used the amazing abilities granted to him by his connection to the speed force.
This autumn, a new generation will become Flash fans with the arrival of a new weekly TV series.

Whereas Marvel Entertainment has had major successes in the theatrical releases that have crafted a unified setting for various heroes and mythologies, DC has ruled the small screen and it looks like things are going to get more interesting as Gotham, Constantine and now the Flash will be joining Arrow. I have been enjoying the Arrow series on Netflix (it’s a weird mixture of Dallas, Sweet Valley High and Batman Begins) and am looking forward to seeing the DC Universe expand on the small screen. Barry Allen had previously appeared in Arrow, and now is spinning off into his own solo series.

From the extended trailer, we now have a much more in-depth look at the upcoming series it is interesting to see the groundwork for the Reverse Flash, Professor Zoom and the murder of Barry’s mom. I’m a little less excited about the Star Labs crew as, while I can see the need for a supporting cast, this particular ‘crew of quirky specialists’ is getting old. The special effects are impressive and it looks like DC Entertainment has invested a lot into this project.

More to come…


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