How did Nick Fury get that eye patch?

In addition to the inclusion of a new of an Agent Carter of S.H.I.E.L.D. short in the Iron Man 3 DVD (and maybe a TV series), there are other new details coming through for the Marvel Cinematic Universe… including a Nick Fury origin story… maybe.

Via Moviepilot

If I’ve learnt one thing from working at Moviepilot, it’s that sarcasm does not transfer well in the written form. Often things which were meant as a tongue-in-cheek joke are misunderstood as being literal. Then before you know it, you wake up to 30 comments calling for your dismissal. I think Marvel Studios Co-President Louis D’Esposito may soon also discover this.

D’Espositio, who also directed the Agent Carter One Shot short film included on the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray, recently dropped some details about how Marvel’s short films are coming along. He also went on suggest a rather bizarre sounding Nick Fury origin story which will certainly leave Marvel fans scratching their heads (or pounding the keyboard in anger). I think I should probably point out that D’Espositio is almost certainly joking. He told Screen Crush:

We’ve developed a lot of shorts because Eric Pearson, the writer on all them, he was part of our writer’s program and now he’s a great friend of the family. We developed a lot of shorts with him over the years, so we have some crazy ideas that happen in Asgard, and some characters done in their youth. We were developing a story about young Nick Fury going with Dum Dum Dugan to Wakanda, and they’re sitting on a plane and Dum Dum is sitting next to Nick Fury eating an orange, and the orange squirts him in the eye, and maybe that’s the reason he has an eye patch. Maybe that’s the start. It really burns, so maybe he put some tape on it.

Well… I really hope he is joking.

He also explained that, generally, these Marvel shorts begin production 6 months before the release of the Blu-Ray they intend to appear on. That means we can probably expect them to start production on the One Shot movie which will eventually be packaged with Thor: The Dark World soon.

To close, here’s the latest Thor: The Dark World trailer

Of course the ‘real’ story of Nick Fury’s eye patch is much simpler than all that, but it relates to an (obviously) different version of the character.



One thought on “How did Nick Fury get that eye patch?

  1. What always bugged me about Nick Fury’s eyepatch… whether it be original Nick Fury or the modern version… is they had a long history of LMDs (Life-Model Decoys) and it seemed odd to me that they could make entire duplicates of people BUT couldn’t make Nick Fury a new eye.


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