Doctor Who – The Great Detective minisode

In the streets of Victorian London, a Silurian detective and her sword-wielding companion Jenny solve unusual crimes along with their butler, a Sontaran named Strax. When faced with a particularly dangerous case, they petition for the assistance of that traveler of time and space known only as ‘The Doctor,’ but there’s a problem… he’s retired.

Watch the minisode below…

My 2 cents

The less said about Murray Gold’s music, the better.

I could do without the poor directing and thudding jokes, but I do quite like how the series keeps reinventing itself and staying fresh. At seven years, the program has had many different approaches with varied results and the 11th Doctor works best, in my opinion, when he is pitched as a fanciful hero in a children’s adventure (as most of series 5 was written). It seems that we may be headed back in that direction this Christmas and into next year when Doctor Who returns.

2013 trailer


2 thoughts on “Doctor Who – The Great Detective minisode

  1. Dare I even ask… isn’t that the Sontaran who died?

    Still… I agree on the notion of re-inventing. Even when I don’t like what is happening, I like that they try new things… and eventually one of the new things will stick and I’ll be happy again.


  2. “the 11th Doctor works best, in my opinion, when he is pitched as a fanciful hero in a children’s adventure (as most of series 5 was written)”

    Personally I’m sick to death of Moffat’s whimsical, fairy tale crap that he keeps spinning with the Doctor. It was fine with Series 5 because Amy met the Doctor at a young age and she had a fascination with him growing up. But I don’t see why the series is continuing down this road of having the Doctor be a fairy tale character. For someone who apparently doesn’t “exist” anymore there sure are a lot of stories about him. That’s my overall complaint of Moffat’s run so far as producer / script editor / head writer (apart from the lazy scripts, plot cul de sacs, and horrendous music). The show gets too whimsical that its sickening, although its had this problem before. I don’t have to bring up David Morrissey’s speech in “The Next Doctor” do I? =)


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