A Flash family reunion is coming to Young Justice

DC Comics has one of the most impressive stables of superheroes. Caped crimefighters, superhuman strongmen, sensitive robots and of course speedsters. Marvel Comics may have Quicksilver and one or two others, but DC has the Flash, the human whirlwind, the sultan of speed, the fastest man alive.

So how come there are three?

When college student Jay Garrick breathed in some heavy water vapors, he found he had been changed. Able to move faster than any mortal, he donned a helmet looking much like the one belonging to Mercury, the god of speed, and fought the criminal element, even when it was just a weird guy armed with a violin.

The Flash may have started as the only super-powered speedster on the DC Universe, but in 1956 he was joined by another Flash from a parallel Earth and then another, young Wally West the Kid Flash. Soon there was a vast Flash legacy that extended into the far future and into the past, thanks in part to Mark Waid who developed Max Mercury and the ‘speed force.’

A fan favorite hero, the Flash has one of more impressive rogue’s galleries in comics and makes a startling scarlet impression on readers. Even today, his series is one of the most visually stunning comics on the racks. The Young Justice series has been incredibly impressive and (despite a lag in broadcast) ranks up there with the Bruce Timm Justice League cartoon for excellence.

Via Speedforce.org:

Image: Character design by Jerome K. Moore.

There’s been a lot of speculation among Young Justice fans about the fact that Kid Flash/Wally West has been missing from the five-years-later second season, and that the Flash has barely appeared (and hasn’t spoken). Did Wally West die during the gap? Did the Barry Allen die, and Wally West stepped up to become the new Flash like he did in the comics?

One thing is known: An upcoming episode by Peter David will feature three Flashes: Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West. Geoff Pierson will provide the voice of Jay Garrick.

I haven’t found a definitive source for the airdate, but it appears to be the June 2 episode, “Bloodlines.”

Set your DVRs, folks. This is going to be bigger than Wally’s spotlight in “Coldhearted.”

3 thoughts on “A Flash family reunion is coming to Young Justice

  1. I’ve always been a fan of Jay, no idea why – I mean I love Barry and Wally too but Jay’s always been the Flash for me and I don’t think I read him first either.
    I’ve been enjoying the Young Justice show a lot. Thanks for the posts – keep em coming!


    • Thanks, man! I do like Jay a lot, He’s a real solid stand-up kinda guy… until the new Earth-2 series arrived anyhow.

      I have a lot of catching up to do with Young Justice, I’m about 5 episodes behind!


  2. Young Justice has been some good stuff. The best since JLU ended years ago. Glad to see something with all the Flashes is coming up.


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