Avengers animated minisode #5: The Mighty Thor

The super-powered supergroup the Avengers was dreamed up as a solution to creating a monthly series in which the heavy hitters of Marvel Comics would appear together in one title. Amongst those heroes was the Mighty Thor.

The Asgardian thunder god debuted in Journey into Mystery in 1962, a kind of modernization of the classic myth combined with a bit of Captain Marvel. In the issue the lame doctor Donald Blake becomes separated from his tour group and stumbles into a cave. Finding what appears to be a gnarled old walking stick, he picks it up and is astonished to find that when struck against the floor it transforms him into the mythical god of thunder. Thor’s first adventure was against an invasion of rock people (no relation to the Fantastic Four’s Ben Grimm) and he hasn’t stopped swinging his enchanted uru hammer since.

The Asgardian thunder god is the star of this latest minisode (or microsode as I have seen them called) for Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes animated series coming to Disney XD October 20th. In the minisode he single-handedly takes on the Wrecking Crew!

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