Diana Rigg and daughter Rachael Stirling join Doctor Who in Sweetville

Diana Rigg, Emma Peel of the Avengers will finally appear in Doctor Who. Yes, two of my all time favorite programs will finally cross over (Blake’s 7 star Paul Darrow already camped it up in Timelash and Sapphire and Steel’s David Collings nearly stole the show in Mawdryn Undead).  Rub my belly and put me to bed am I ever happy.

Rachael Stirling

Dame Diana Rigg’s daughter Rachael Sterling has of course an equally impressive career and has also joined the Doctor Who family in the Big Finish audio range’s Trail of the White Worm (just released earlier this Summer). This will mark the first time mother and daughter have acted together.

… Of course it’s written by Mark Gatiss and even while I am an avid fan of his, I must admit that his luck with Doctor Who scripts has been spotty at best (though I still enjoy the Unquiet Dead). Both The Idiot’s Lantern and Victory of the Daleks are less than stellar stories (the less said about Night Terrors… though the doll house concept was superb… the better), so I am setting my bar reasonably low. Maybe I’ll be surprised, who knows.

The series 7 adventure ‘The Crimson Horror’ will be set in the fictional town of Sweetville and feature the return of sometime nurse Sontaran Strax and the Victorian lesbian manhunters Jenny and Madame Vastra. I have many issues with last year’s set of stories, but enjoyed all three of these characters, so that’s good news for me as well.

Continuing the pattern of wacky headgear, the Doctor will sport a bowler hat.

The Doctor and Jenna

Madam Vastra

Strax plays butler

Lots more photos and even an on location video can be seen at BleedingCool.

For more spoilers and such, bookmark this outstanding site.


The Master and TARDIS action figure set

The Doctor Who Classic line of action figures from Character Options is a delight. Magnificent detail work and a devotion to creating toys based on the popular characters and monster from the 26 year-run of the program have made it a hallmark of every Whovian’s collection.

The full assortment of Classic Doctor Who action figures - Wave 1

It has been rather full of Daleks lately. Just this month the final Davros set from Destiny of the Daleks has arrived. I have been very happy with this toy line, but am hoping that there will be some variety in the near future. In particular, a departure from repaints is desperately needed. The recent poll on the Daily P.O.P. indicated that an action figure based on the Brigadier and Emperor Dalek are wanted by fans and I add my voice to that demand, but I would prefer some new monsters such as the Silurians, Sea Devils and Yeti to name just a few.

Silurians and Se Devils from 1984's Warriors of the Deep

While a rumored Time Warrior set is likely to see a formal announcement shortly, a new set is on its way next month.

A Sontaran and the Third Doctor from the Time Warrior

Just announced is a new action figure set based on the Jon Pertwee adventure, the Time Warrior. The set will include a re-release of the first Master as played by Roger Delgado and his TARDIS (disguised as a large computer bank). Additionally, the crystal of Kronos the Time Monster and the Doctor’s tracking device will be included. If you are missing this iconic villain in your collection, this is a great opportunity to snatch one up and a TARDIS to boot!

The Master (Roger Delgado) and TARDIS from The Time Monster

The Master, back on Earth has constructed a device to gain control over Kronos, a creature from outside of the time vortex. He uses the device but it proves dangerously unstable. The Third Doctor arrives and shuts down experiment but the Master reactivates it, using it to ensnare a High Priest of the lost city of Atlantis, and then to attack UNIT forces.

The Master takes travels back to Atlantis in his TARDIS, now in the guise of an advanced computer bank, to steal the sacred Crystal of Kronos with which he hopes to dominate Kronos. The Doctor follows in his TARDIS with Jo Grant but can’t prevent his enemy destroying Atlantis.

Escaping in their TARDIS’s the Doctor and the Master confront each other within the time vortex where the Doctor threatens to ‘time ram’ the Master’s TARDIS, a huge explosion caused by two or more TARDISes trying to materialise in the same place in Space and Time. The Doctor cannot bring himself do it, but Jo operates the controls and the two TARDIS’s collide.

Instead of the expected explosion both TARDISes reappear in a strange void. The ‘time ram’ energy has released Kronos, who agrees to return the Doctor and Jo to Earth but, plans to destroy the Master. The Doctor intervenes and pleads for mercy on the Master’s behalf ensuring he too goes free.

1 x The Master action figure
1 x Crystal of Kronos fragment accessory
1 x The Doctor’s time sensor device accessory
1 x Master’s TARDIS as a computer bank
1 x Master’s TCE accessor

Pre-order from Forbidden Planet in the U.K.

Pre-order from MikesComics in the U.S.