Visit beautifully demented Frankenstein Island with the RiffTrax crew

Check out the latest RiffTrax preview of Frankenstein Island

How can one describe a film as bad as Frankenstein Island? Female savages who look more like desperate swimwear models, ridiculous zombies and other poorly thought out creatures round out a really really bad trip into b-movie-ville. When John Carradine’s floating head (lifted from an entirely different movie) arrive, it just seems to make sense.

Think Danger Island from the old Banana Splits shows only not as thought-provoking or visually stunning.

Our newest VOD, Frankenstein Island is a potpourri of insanity!

When four hot air balloonists crash land on remote Frankenstein Island, one thing is certain: they have a dog named Melvin!

That’s about all we were able to figure out regarding the plot of Frankenstein Island. The rest is a glorious potpourri of insanity, including but not just limited to: jungle babes in leopard skin bikinis, a bedridden 200 year old man, zombie slaves, Kung-Fu, a brain in a jar, a confused John Carradine, a guy who looks like the protagonist of the fictional Twitter account DadBoner and a scene where a shirtless man injects a mannequin with a hypodermic needle. All things said, it’s a little less strange than The Room.

How did these men get here? What is the strange power that runs the entire island? There’s only 15 minutes left in the movie, is Frankenstein ever actually going to show up? Questions like these aren’t important on Frankenstein Island. How dare you ask them. Here, the bikini chicks are dancing with a snake now. Is that better? I thought so.

Mike, Kevin and Bill hop into a hot air balloon with Melvin (a pastrami sandwich), and head off into the wild blue yonder to riff Frankenstein Island!

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