Rare Superboy Pilot

john-rockwell---superboy-del-1961I just stumbled upon this oddity, the unsold pilot for a t.v. series based on Superboy. Now you can watch it too! Long before that other Superboy TV series and the much later Smallville series, Adventures of Superboy was dreamed up to build on the success of the Adventures of Superman program.

Created in 1945, the adventures of Superman as a young boy, Superboy capitalized on the success of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Rather than introduce a young protege, DC instead printed stories from Superman’s past. Taking place in Smallville, young Clark Kent attended high school and got into wild adventures as the boy of steel. The series was a great success, especially after the introduction of the Legion of Superheroes, a group of super powered teenagers from the future.

The pilot was not picked up, but thanks to the internet it can be enjoyed today.


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