Star Knight (1985)

star_knightAn alien lands on a medievel world which may be Earth. A clumsy knight (dubiously named Klever) obsessed with advancing toward a higher standing in the court and marriage to the princess who becomes the alien’s captive. Seeking to gain the approval of the king, Klever leads a team of men into the lair of the dragon who dwells in a lake (where the alien’s craft has crashed). With the support of a alchemist Boetius, Klever is sure to defeat the alien who cannot speak or exit his space suit. However, the princess Alba has strangely fallen in love with Ix the alien and wants nothing to do with Klever.

It’s a calamity!

Star Knight is an oddity to say the least. Featuring Klaus Kinski and Harvey Keitel, I was expecting something strange and entertaining. However, the lack of good ADR and a dodgy script coupled with poor acting left me feeling cheated. Keitel acts as if he is in any movie other than a fantasy and Kinski is barely present. The only upside of the movie is the alien’s spacesuit and craft design which are quite impressive. Keitel blunders his way through the story and there are some comedic sequences with a Green Knight who cannot get anyone to fight him which fall flat.

A bizarre entry into that nether world of 80’s sci-fi/fantasy, Star Knight is more of a fizzle than a pop.


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