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(note: all information including ad copy is from the publisher)
If you can’t make it to the shop, just click on any of the links below to be taken to an online retailer. I don’t get any referrals for these sales, I’m just doing my bit to spread the word on some neat products.

Doctor Who City Of Death HC, $26.95
SpaceRiders4Space Riders #4 (Of 4), $3.99
Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Creation Myths Volume 3 HC, 24.99
Cinefex #143, $12.50
Astro City Private Lives TP, $16.99
batman-and-robin-eternal-1Batman And Robin Eternal #1 (Tony S. Daniel Regular Cover), $3.99
Crisis On Infinite Earths Deluxe Edition HC, $49.99
Detective Comics #45 (Andrew Robinson Regular Cover), $3.99
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #15, $3.99
Bond By Design The Art of James Bond Films HC, $50.00
Disney Book HC, $30.00
Great LEGO Sets A Visual History HC, $40.00
James Bond 50 Years Of Movie Posters SC, $29.95
AUG151976FLEGO I Love That Minifigure HC, $18.99
Marvel’s The Avengers Encyclopedia HC, $40.00
Star Wars Rebels The Epic Battle Visual Guide HC, $16.99
Justice Inc The Avenger #5 (Cover A Francesco Francavilla), $3.99
Masks 2 #7 (Of 8)(Cover A Butch Guice), $3.99
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #68 (Legends Of The Dark Knight #204), $21.00
Transformers Vs G.I. JOE #9 (Cover SUB David Lafuente), $3.99
X-Files 30 Days Of Night HC, $24.99
X-Files Classics Ground Zero GN, $17.99
X-Files Season 11 #3 (Artist’s Edition Blank Sketch Variant Cover), $3.99
StarWars_RiseofEmpireStar Wars The Rise Of The Empire SC, $15.00
All-New All-Different Point One #1 (Mike Del Mundo Regular Cover), $5.99
676056_amazing-spider-man-1Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Alex Ross Regular Cover), $5.99
Avengers #0 (Kenneth Rocafort Regular Cover), $5.99
Contest Of Champions #1 (Paco Medina Regular Cover), $4.99
674726_doctor-strange-1Doctor Strange #1 (Chris Bachalo Regular Cover), $4.99
invincible-iron-man-1Invincible Iron Man #1 (David Marquez Regular Cover), $3.99
Journey To Star Wars The Force Awakens Shattered Empire #2 (Of 4)(Marco Checchetto Regular Cover), $3.99
Marvel Legacy Of Jack Kirby Slipcase HC, $49.99
Marvel Super Hero Contest Of Champions Volume 1 TP, $7.99
Old Man Logan #5, $3.99
secretWars_6Secret Wars #6 (Of 9)(Alex Ross Regular Cover), $3.99
Spider-Island #5 (Of 5), $3.99
675835_star-wars-10-action-figure-variantStar Wars #10 (Stuart Immonen Regular Cover), $3.99
Rick And Morty #4 (Drew Rausch 2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who Heroes And Monsters Collection SC, $9.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #1 (Alex Ronald Regular Cover), $3.99
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #1 (Subscription Photo Cover), $3.99
Batman_Jar1966 Batman Logo Cookie Jar, $39.99
DreddDredd Movie Comic Sequel Metal Keyring, $14.99


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