Moon Knight ascends into madness with new series

A soldier of fortune, Marc Spector discovered the temple of the Egyptian god Konshu during a mission to loot the nearby treasure. Betrayed by his employer and left for dead, Spector is resurrected by the worshipers of Konshu and reborn as an avenger of the night, the ‘Fist of Konshu.’

Since he has become the instrument of Konshu’s might, Spector has walked the line between madness and reality without much success. In the forthcoming series from Green Arrow and Hawkeye scribe Jeff Lemire, Spector has ended up in a mental institution… or has he always been there?

“I want to write one of the very best Moon Knight stories ever,” said Lemire. “One that touches on every aspect of the character’s history and also breaks new ground and shows readers a Moon Knight they’ve never seen before. It’s a very ambitious story that should please long time Moon Knight fans, but also be totally fresh and welcoming to new readers. As lofty as my ambitions are, I’m lucky that I have Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire on my side.”

Marc Spector has been defending New York City for years as the masked vigilante known as Moon Knight. Or has he? Waking up in an insane asylum shakes that confidence. Turns out he’s been institutionalized since he was a child. But that can’t be true. Can it? Today, Marvel is pleased to announce MOON KNIGHT #1 – the brand new series coming next year from creators Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men, Sweet Tooth) and Greg Smallwood (Moon Knight)!

His mind is full of identities, and he no longer knows which is real. Now residing in a mental health facility, his thoughts are clouded and he has no idea what to believe. If he calls to Khonshu, he believes the ancient Egyptian lunar god will answer. Is this a sign he still clings to his sanity, or has it slipped from him completely? If Khonshu answers his prayers – what could he ask in return this time?

“To me Marc is a very ill man,” says series writer Jeff Lemire, in an interview with “And being Moon Knight is either going to be a part of that illness, and ultimately destroy him, or it is going to be his path to salvation.”

Dive deep into Moon Knight’s psyche on a mad trip through Manhattan as Lemire and Smallwood bring you a super hero adventure unlike any you’ve read before! Prepare for an all-new MOON KNIGHT #1 – coming Spring 2016!

Via Newsarama

Rumor is that Moon Knight could be part of Marvel’s next wave of Netflix streaming programs. If so, the vigilante will soon become a household name of sorts. So get yourself educated!


Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 1 (Marvel Essentials)
Essential Moon Knight, Vol. 2 (Marvel Essentials)
Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom (Book Market Edition)
Moon Knight Vol. 2: Midnight Sun


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