The Blue and Gold set for the silver screen

BBeetle_BGoldFor fans of DC Comics, the Giffen/DeMetteis run on Justice League remains a high water mark of excellence.

Direct on the heels of the miniseries Legends which reset the tone of the DC Universe, the book was an oddball combination of sitcom and action/adventure. It’s something that took fans by surprise, especially as interest in the Justice League had waned over the years. To transform the title that had served as showcase for all of DC’s highest profile characters into an experimental Marx Brothers routine was a bold decision.

Add stellar artist Kevin Maguire to the mix and the series flew off the shelves.

The Justice League comic was such a success that it spawned a spin-off (which had never happened previously) and became one of DC’s most talked about comics. At the time, I was a Marvel Zombie, but the innovations at DC were so compelling that I found myself splitting my monthly pull list between the two publishers. Marvel had plenty of action and angst, but Justice League was… dare I say it… fun.

Justice League #1

Justice League #1

Batman led the most mixed group of heroes to ever star in a team book including Green Lantern Guy Gardner, a man so unstable that a punch to the head changed his personality, the mysterious Doctor Fate, the alien escape artist who just wanted to live a domestic life on Earth and Blue Beetle, a well-meaning acrobat and inventor saved from the Charlton Comics line. A few issues later, another hero was added, Booster Gold.

Booster claimed to be a hero from the far future who traveled back to the current day, but in actuality he had stolen a supersuit and jumped to another time when heroes were regaled in order to become famous. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, two newbies to the world of serious superheroes, bonded and became a duo that captured the affection of readers.

In recent years, Blue Beetle was viciously murdered while Booster Gold met a far kinder fate with convoluted stories which redeemed his self-centered persona by revealing a brave heart underneath it all. Soon the duo will be reunited in comics but an even bigger surprise is that they will be making it to the big screen as well!
Via Newsarama

The Tracking Board is reporting that a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold live-action movie is in development at Warner Bros. The studio has reportedly chosen Greg Berlanti, the prolific writer/producer behind Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, to direct and executive produce the film.

The report goes on to call the unnamed film a “superhero buddy cop movie,” describing it as a “stark contrast” to Warner Bros. more serious superhero films Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

The Tracking Board offered no other details on the film itself, but their report did indicate that the two would also be in “future” Justice League movies.

There is no additional news at this time, but this is a big deal and could be a game changer for Warner Bros who have been dishing out some of the grimmest superhero flicks around. The addition of a Blue Beetle/Booster Gold movie could soften the edges of their cinematic universe and show fans and critics alike that there’s more you can do with a comic book movie than have big explosions. You can have Bwahahahaha moments too.



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