Doctor Who says goodbye to his impossible girl

Jenna Coleman is officially leaving. Get ready for news on a new companion. Since its return in 2005, the companions in Doctor Who have been the focus of the new program. From Rose resetting time to Martha using a satellite network to turn the Doctor into tinkerbell, the travelling companions have often served as the ultimate plot contrivance, allowing writers to get out of a corner or in some cases build said corner and follow it up with three more and a roof as was the case with Amy Pond and Clara Oswald.

Clara-Oswald-oswin-oswald-33196143-500-550Clara was introduced as a surprise in the opening episode of the 7th series in which she also died (no worries, no one ever really dies in Doctor Who). She was then revealed to be something like a sentient antibody, running throughout the Doctor’s timestream to not only save him from the Great Intelligence but even influence his actions as far back as which TARDIS to steal when he left Gallifrey.

doctor-who-the-name-of-the-doctor-colin-bakerClara became the ultimate companion, superseding the Doctor as the hero even in previous stories! That said, once Moffat got this out of his system. Clara became a much more nuanced and enjoyable companion alongside the new regenerated Doctor who needled her every chance he got. Whereas the previous incarnation doted on Clara, the new one implied that she needed makeup to cover the horrible lines on her face and pointed out her egomania. The two played off of each other so well that actress Coleman decided to stay on for another year, prompting rewrites to the Christmas Special which would have seen her die before the Doctor’s eyes.


The eight series redeemed Clara which is fortunate as Jenna Coleman is a delight to watch and of course as cute as a button. Even so, three years is optimum for a companion to stay on the program and it will be a pleasure to see how Moffat wraps up her story (for a third time).

Throughout the long history of Doctor Who on the screen and in print, there have been many companions that have been loved and derided. In the long run, I’m not sure where Clara Oswald’s legacy will fall but as she was the herald of a new wildly successful era of the series, I predict that she will remembered fondly.

Via BBC:

It’s been officially confirmed that Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald, will leave Doctor Who during the new series which starts tomorrow, Saturday 19 September.

However, it’s not been revealed exactly when Clara leaves and the question many are already asking is how will she part company with the Doctor?

Jenna Coleman made her Doctor Who debut on 1 September, 2012 as Oswin Oswald in Asylum of the Daleks. She returned on Christmas Day of that year, playing Clara and remained with the Eleventh Doctor from the following episode, The Bells of Saint John, onwards. She stayed on board the TARDIS for all of Peter Capaldi’s episodes to date and after filming for the last series finished, Peter commented, ‘Jenna has been absolutely brilliant. I think she’s wonderful in the show, and she’s my favourite companion.’

But Series 9 sees the Impossible Girl’s departure although the how, why and when are all questions we’ll have to watch the new adventures to find out…

Whatever happens, we’ll bring you the inside info first but for the time being we’ll prepare to say goodbye to Clara and good luck to Jenna. We’ll miss them both.

Who is your favorite companion?






Sarah Jane?


Tardis_RedesignAdditional: Peter Capaldi has revealed that the TARDIS will be getting a facelift in the ninth series. Sixties design elements and roundels will be making a return much to the actor’s delight.



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