Doctor Who Series 9 revealed

A mysterious alien from Gallifrey with two hearts who rights wrongs through time and space known as the Doctor returns this coming Saturday, the 19th of September.

The tenth (yet strangely numbered ninth) year of the new revived version of Doctor Who will soon begin. Details have been scattershot but finally fans have their first look at the series titles and it is interesting as there are hints of Heaven (confirming a continuation of the Master/Missy storyline begun last year) along with Zygons, Daleks, Vikings and a ‘new’ character from the Doctor’s past. This year will also be more interlinked thank previous years with one episode bleeding into the next. It is still unclear if Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) will be departing at the end of this series or if she will stay on for another year.
As this will mark the tenth year since the series was reborn under Russell T Davies, there has been talk of a special commemorating the event (much like the 50th anniversary story ‘Day of the Doctor’), but to date nothing is firm.

DoctorWho_Eccleston_2005Rumors abound regarding Paul McGann reprising the Eighth Doctor Who and maybe a new script from former showrunner Davies. But again, neither are confirmed.

DrWho_Capaldi_readingA lifelong fan and celebrated actor of stage and screen, Peter Capaldi will be showing new (and lighter) facets to his portrayal of the Doctor as well as paying homage to Third Doctor Who Jon Pertwee (as evidenced in his new red crushed velvet jacket). With all of time and space as the canvas for which to paint new stories, the opportunities are wide open.

More as it comes.


One thought on “Doctor Who Series 9 revealed

  1. It would be nice if they did something special to celebrate their 10th year back. A lot of shows don’t get 10 years, much less the 30+ that Doctor Who has had when you add in all the classic years… so it’d be a shame to not also celebrate the 10th anniversary since the return.


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