Should we prepare for a decade of Ben Affleck as Batman?

As the comic book world is still shrugging over the expected disappointment of the Fant4stic Four, some unexpected Bat news arrives.

batman_BatsignalAdam West, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy and Christian Bale may have new competition for the definitive Batman with Ben Affleck possibly being offered the role of the dark knight for an unprecedented decade of movies. Ben-Affleck-Batman-GogglesVia

According to rumors from Warner Bros. insiders, the future of DC Movie slate will now center around Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight. The sudden (but really, unsurprising) pivot came after an early cut of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice was shown to a small group of Warner Bros. executives. The big wigs were reportedly so impressed with the film, that they gave it a standing ovation.

And much of that applause was for Ben Affleck and his performance as Batman. The executives are so impressed, in fact, that they are reportedly trying to get Affleck on-board for three stand-alone Batman films. Affleck’s Batman, and these movies, would reportedly become the cornerstone of DC’s other movies, with one Warner boss reportedly calling Affleck the “definitive Batman.”

Including the Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, the two-part JLA film, and three solo movies, that’s 7 films spread out over the next ten years. With no director lined up, it is difficult to guess what the theme and feel of a new Batman trilogy would be. But it’s a safe assumption that it will be darker than octopus ink.



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