Changing the Face of Doctor Who

Throughout its long run, there have been many actors to portray the time-travelling adventurer, and many more also-rans or could-have-beens. William Hartnell imbued a sense of magic and humanity into Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton gave the character a vitality so strong it can still be felt today. Jon Pertwee made Doctor Who a household program, and Tom Baker became a legend of television…. but it all could have gone so differently.

From the earliest days of its development, there Colin Brockhurst (The Day of Doctor Who) is at it again with this amazing trip through an alternate timeline of Doctor Who and the many actors who could have (or should have) played him. Painstakingly assembled from archive photos skillfully manipulated into new ‘classic’ images, Brockhurst has poked a hole through the fabric of reality to grant fans a glimpse of an entirely different version of Doctor Who with many different faces.

After purchasing and framing The Day of Doctor Who, I can proudly vouch for the high level of professionalism and attention to detail in Brockhurst’s work. There are so many lovely touches such as telesnaps of Brian Blessed as the Second Doctor Who, an image of Young Ones star Rik Mayal regenerating in ‘Night of the Doctor,’ numerous references to stories that were not produced, the mini-badge featuring a cartoon image of Ron Moody as the Third Doctor and the inclusion of Peter Cushing as the Master!

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, this needs to be in your collection.


For more info, click here.

On a side-note… who is you favorite ‘alternate Doctor Who’?


3 thoughts on “Changing the Face of Doctor Who

      • Ok… cool, so it is entirely it’s own thing. That’s a lot of work he’s putting into it. It’s the kind of thing I’d like too, if I wasn’t in the perpetual budget crunch these days. I’ll have to file it under “explore later” in my brain somewhere!


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