Thunderbirds are GO! (again)

A world in peril. Impossible odds. Unimaginable dangers. And International Rescue was there.

The Thunderbirds was a revolutionary children’s TV series produced from 1964-66 that spawned two feature films and several spin-offs and reboots over the years. Gerry Anderson’s crew of imagineers crafted a universe of adventure unlike anything ever seen before… with marionettes. Don’t believe me? The legacy lives on today and thanks to the wonder of the internet, brand new episodes featuring storylines and voices of the past are being made with technology of the present…. emulating the era of 1964-66. Thanks to old recorded stories and carefully rebuilt models and puppets, Thunderbirds are GO one more!


It was the show that launched a generation of childhoods – a rocket-powered blend of action, adventure, and explosions. A world brought to life with sophisticated marionettes, scale models and pyrotechnic effects all realised in front of the camera.

… And we’re going to bring it all back with brand new classic style episodes based on original 60s audio recordings. EXCLUSIVELY TO KICKSTARTER!

To celebrate its 50th anniversary we want to make a new, classic style episode of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s legendary puppet series Thunderbirds using original audio-only stories recorded in the 1960s.

Technology has moved on in five decades, but our goal is to produce an unashamedly retro episode made with many of the same ‘Supermarionation’ techniques used to bring the puppets and models to life in the 1960s.

This special anniversary production, supported with the blessing of ITV, Sylvia Anderson, and the Gerry Anderson Estate, will be made by the team behind Filmed in Supermarionation – the criticially acclaimed documentary about Thunderbirds released last year.

For more info, visit the official Kickstarter campaign.


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