All-New All-Different Marvel (kinda)

The Marvel Universe that we have known for decades is gone, but not forgotten. After the incursions of multiple realities fractured the superhero community, the end result has been Battle World; a reality of floating islands broken off from other existences.

The Secret Wars story line (no relation to the other Secret Wars) is an admittedly direct attack on the Convergence in DC Comics. Multiple mini-series have spawned including Old Man Logan, Planet Hulk, X-Men Inferno, a married Amazing Spider-Man and much more. It’s a mad shuffle of ideas that, after it has settled, will result in a very different (yet familiar) Marvel Universe.

Don’t believe me? Check out the images below…

allnewalldifferent_marvel_1 allnewalldifferent_marvel_2

Red Wolf, a redesigned Daredevil, two Wolverines, two Spider-Men, and many new or divergent iterations of other characters can be seen in these two images with Iron Man retaining center stage in each image (odd, given his status quot in the conclusion of Time Runs Out). Wolverine, a character who died last year, appears to be coming back in the guise of Old Man Logan (from the popular storyline written by Mark Millar). His clone daughter X-23 will be donning the familiar costume while Logan sports a more casual look. The Thing will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy and Johnny Storm will be with the Inhumans.

Everything is new again (again).

But what about the Hulk?

Perhaps the most shocking revelation post-Secret Wars is that the new Hulk will not be Bruce Banner. I started reading the Hulk monthly book regularly since the Paul Jenkins days through Bruce Jones, Greg Pak, Jeff Parker, Jason Aaron, Mark Waid and even Jeph Loeb.

It’s not an easy thing to be a Hulk fan. He is constantly getting batted around all over the place as the character changes from villain to hero, amnesia to full knowledge, etc. There have been some great stories, but overall it’s been a mess. The announcement of an all-new Hulk (again) is something Hulk fans are wearily ready for but… let’s hope Marvel can get it ‘right’ this time.

In the meantime, here’s the current rumor…











I have to admit that if this is correct, it’s a pretty bold and inventive solution to an overly complicated character. It may not make everybody happy, but it’s a pretty cool rumor in my opinion.


3 thoughts on “All-New All-Different Marvel (kinda)

  1. I like your post… not sure yet if I like what is coming. In recent years I’ve tended to drift in and out of comics… and every time I drift away a little it seems like they reboot or close of stories and start new ones in a way that anything I’ve missed I no longer feel the urge to finish. There are still lots of classic stories that are great reads… but it’s harder to get me interested in the new stuff when it’s like everything has become mini-series after mini-series and it’s easier now more than ever to just ignore everything for 6 months and it’s all new again with no ties to the stuff you missed.


      • True… and even with reboots the old stuff that was good is still good. I just mean… every time I think “hey, I should start picking up some titles again every month” they do this sort of thing and I realize why I keep drifting away from being a regular reader.


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