The Ogre terrorizes Gotham

The latest DC Entertainment TV series Gotham has established a horrifying crime-riddled world. But apparently the worst of the worst is yet to come. The deadliest and scariest villain will be revealed for the season finale… and he is called the Ogre.

The Ogre, played by Milo Ventimiglia, will make his debut in “Beasts of Prey,” the April 13 episode of the show, and drive the series as it heads toward its finale. As the video explains, he’s a serial killer who has managed to avoid capture by targeting the loved ones of cops who’ve investigated him in the past, but that’s not enough to scare off Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

“This extremely dangerous man will do something terrible to someone that Jim loves — and there’s going to be hell to pay,” McKenzie teases. But with Morena Baccarin, who plays Gordon’s current love interest Leslie Thompkins, reportedly on board for the show’s second season, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a death is in the future — or, at least, not Leslie’s death.

Gotham returns with new episodes April 13 on Fox.


I have been pleased with Gotham so far and feel that it has a strong presence on the small screen alongside the more lighthearted Flash (though that can be intense too). A prequel that establishes Gotham before Batman sounded like an odd idea on paper, but the writing and strong cast has made it entertaining.

A character over 75 year old, Batman has many different iterations, each with its own tone. The current comic book by Scott Snyder seems to be influencing the TV series with its gritty and violent feel. While Gotham has been criticized for delving into the caped crusader’s rich history for ideas, the Ogre is all new. It will be interesting to see what kind of lasting impact this latest villain has on the city and the legacy of Batman.


One thought on “The Ogre terrorizes Gotham

  1. I do like Gotham a lot more than I thought I would… but I do also wish they would stray away from too much of the “look this is going to be a future Batman villain, you know? See what we are doing here?” aspect. I think there’s enough main cast members to explore without constantly digging into pre-rogue stuff.


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