Details for Doctor Who’s 9th series

DOCTOR_WHO_logoThe time-travelling adventurer known only as The Doctor will be fighting the forces of evil once more this autumn. For ten years, the new BBC Wales program has garnered strong support from viewers in the UK and internationally. While it was known in the past for limping along year to year, it seems indefatigable today. The 13th incarnation of the Doctor introduced last year, played by Peter Capaldi, is a departure from the clever loverboy that fans have expected. After journeying inside a Dalek, matching wits with Robin Hood, exploring his own past and vanquishing a Cybermen invasion, he also met Santa Claus. So… what’s next?

Showrunner (yes, that is a real job title, somehow) Steven Moffatt has reported that the BBC called him in for a meeting mapping out the next five years of Doctor Who, so it’s once tenuous future is apparently assured. In addition to the return of ‘Missy,’ Mark Gatiss will also be contributing a new script.

DrWho_Capaldi_readingThe Magician’s Apprentice: The first confirmed episode title of series 9 is The Magician’s Apprentice. Tenerife, perhaps doubling for an alien landscape, is where the production team headed to film parts of this episode (and episode 2).

The Witch’s Familiar: will be the second half of the two-parter starting with The Magician’s Apprentice, written by Steven Moffat and directed by Hettie Macdonald (Blink).

The Girl Who Died: is a period adventure written by Jamie Mathieson (Mummy On The Orient Express, Flatline)

The Woman Who Lived: comes from Torchwood writer Catherine Treganna.

We also know that there’s a two-parter in series nine, that’s been written by Being Human’s Toby Whithouse (School Reunion, The Vampires Of Venice, The God Complex, A Town Called Mercy).

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So what makes your wish list for next year?

What classic monster would you like to see return?

What kind of story would you like to see?

Who should you write for the show?

Who is your favorite actor to play Doctor and should another incarnation return for a guest spot?

Bonus! Peter Capaldi surprises fans at Doctor Who Experience


One thought on “Details for Doctor Who’s 9th series

  1. Outside of my perennial wish for them to clean up the Cybermen and have the “Cybus”men get their metal rears kicked by the real Cybermen… no real wishes per se.

    I do have some cautious optimism going into the next series, which is a first for me in quite a while.


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