Iron Man Robert Downey Jr pays a special visit

We live in a unique time when superheroes are ruling pop culture in film, TV and occasionally the comic shop. Comic Cons attract trillions of avid attendees throughout the year (I may be exaggerating but it gets really crowded is all I know). It’s cool that I can get my son a nice Iron Man helmet that lights up but couldn’t something be done with these iconic characters? Why not take the power that these heroes have and make some real magic happen?

This is exactly what happens below when Robert Downey Jr. hand-delivers a 3-D printed prosthetic arm (designed by Albert Manero and Limbitless Solutions) to a little boy. It’s very touching and cool but it also hammers home the message that we are capable of so much and superheroes don’t just exist on the screen or page, they’re also in the real world.

The Collective Project_Manero

“[…] this video is the work of The Collective Project, and while the addition of Hollywood talent in the arm’s presentation gives a ton of PR value, the work being done by Albert Manero and Limbitless Solutions is just as interesting. The group is making affordable, 3D-printed prosthetics for children … and then giving away the plans so others can do the same.

“Here’s a quick bit of background from the Microsoft blog:

Limbitless’ first arm – for an active boy named Alex – cost less than $350 in materials, much cheaper than the $40,000 price tag of some prosthetics. But the team’s volunteers donated the arm for free, after pooling together their “coffee money.”

“We were all bound to the belief that no one should profit from a child in need of an arm,” says Manero.

(Via Polygon)


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