Daredevil shows no fear

Daredevil Noir

To control a city ruled by crime, Daredevil becomes a man without fear.

Blinded by radiation in a moment of selfless courage, Matt Murdock was raised by his father, a prize fighter known as Battlin’ Jack Murdock. Matt was urged to be a better man and solve his problems with his head rather than his fists. Matt hit the books, but found that he had acquired a special radar sense that replaced his sight in remarkable ways. He trained as fighter and gymnast in secret, while his father attempted to cut ties with the crime boss known as the Fixer and and make it as an honest boxer. Finally, Battlin’ Jack was given the instruction to throw a bout and refused. He paid with his life and this taught Matt a valuable lesson, the overwhelming power of the criminal element.

Matt Murdock graduated law school and formed a practice with his old roommate ‘Foggy’ Nelson. The pair took on hard cases, always taking the side of the underdog. But when he found that some criminals escaped the law or bent the legal system, he took to the streets as Daredevil, a ruthless vigilante who moved like lightning and beat his foes into submission with a billy club.

But how can Matt equate his actions as Daredevil with his oath as a lawyer? How can he save his soul as he becomes embroiled in a dark realm of blood and violence? His path is not an easy one and it takes a will of iron and boundless courage to walk it.

First published in 1964 in a story by Bill Everett and Stan Lee, Daredevil came into popularity thanks to the stylish artwork of Gene Colan. He later rocketed into stardom when a young Frank Miller transformed the title into a film noir-ish homage to Will Eisner’s The Spirit. The new streaming series from Netflix will take on this vibe of a gritty and tortured man fighting against the Kingpin of crime.


The battle for the soul of Hell’s Kitchen has begun in the latest trailer for “Marvel’s Daredevil,” only on Netflix April 10!

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) matches fists with the criminal element and wits with Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) in the action-packed preview for Marvel’s first 13-episode Netflix original series. Plus get a new look at Karen (Deborah Ann Woll), Foggy (Elden Hensen), Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), Stick (Scott Glenn), and more!

While you wait for April 10 to roll around, follow @Daredevil on Twitter and like “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Facebook for all the news on the Man Without Fear.

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/tv/24220/marvels_daredevil_battles_for_hells_kitchen_in_new_trailer#ixzz3U5ObjT7U

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