2015 RiffTrax Live Calendar: “The Crappening”

There are good movies, there are bad movies and there are movies that defy description. Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny could cause brain damage, The Room is akin to watching someone blissfully unaware of his nervous breakdown, Miami Connection excels at bad music, questionable dialog and insane action while Sharknado is… Sharknado.

Luckily we have the fine folks at RiffTrax to assist in making these movies a little bearable. Below is the schedule for 2015’s RiffTrax Live performances. Select cinemas will be showing these ‘movies,’ giving fans a chance to watch the RiffTrax crew work their magic live.

RiffTrax Live: THE ROOM – WEDNESDAY May 6, 2015 (not Thursday)Tickets encore May 12 Tickets – Performed from Nashville Tickets available March 27th 10A CT Tickets available 24 Hours early on March 26th to Kickstarter Backers

RiffTrax Live: SHARKNADO 2 – July 9, 2015 Tickets encore July 16Tickets

RiffTrax Live: MIAMI CONNECTION – October 1, 2015 Tickets encore October 6 Tickets

RiffTrax Live: SANTA and The ICE CREAM BUNNY – December 3, 2015 Tickets encore December 15 Tickets


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