Tom Baker on Dr Who at 81

All teeth and curls, it can be said that Tom Baker will forever be associated with Doctor Who but I think it should be reversed. From his first appearance in 1974 to his latest in 2013 Doctor Who is associated with Tom Baker. Proof of this statement can be found in the enormous impact that his short appearance alongside Matt Smith had on viewers. Grown men got teary as the memories flooded back regarding this magical man. His dulcet tone, mad eyes and signature diction have a comforting way of improving any situation.

And of course he is still doing it. In this behind the scenes video, Tom Baker provides a few words on what it has been like to play the role of a lifetime and how lovely it is to revisit the world of Doctor Who in audio format at Big Finish.

For any Doctor Who fans unfamiliar with the Big Finish catalog, I strongly urge you to give it a go. Hearing the 4th Doctor battle the Master, Daleks, Sontarans and more alongside his dear friends K-9, Leela and Romana (I and II) is a very enjoyable experience.


3 thoughts on “Tom Baker on Dr Who at 81

  1. I’m a way back Doctor Who fan… but what is weird, as Tom has gotten older and greyer… is I realize how much he resembles an uncle of mine. One of my father’s older brothers… actually the only one of that side of the family still alive… but it was weird one day to see a picture of my uncle and realize he kind of looked like Tom Baker.


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