Age of Ultron, the Ant Man and the state of the Vision

Avengers2Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is getting ever closer which means more trailers. The latest trailer has revealed more shots of the team’s in-fighting, the Hulk Buster Iron Man armor and a few vague details surrounding the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver… who are probably not mutants.

The Vision

There are many comic book fans out there who are angry that the Avengers 2 film has decided to revise the character’s origin so that the android is a creation of Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. The defense is that the comic book version is too tangled for a movie… but he started as Ultron’s creation who infiltrated the Avengers. Later, it was revealed that Wonder Man and the original Human Torch were involved in his creation, but initially he was a double agent. It’s disappointing that this approach was ditched but… what can you do?

Ant Man

This is a real risk-taker of a film. The character has long been regarded as a joke (much like Aquaman), but this movie seeks to raise him to a level of respectability. Going into the first movie there is already a legacy of Ant Men and the villain is Yellow Jacket, another size-changing insect-based character.

The Ant Man movie has been in developmental Hell for ages with Edgar Wright attached since before the first Iron Man movie. However, my gut says that if Marvel handles this properly, it could be another Iron Man for them. Fingers crossed.


One thought on “Age of Ultron, the Ant Man and the state of the Vision

  1. I’m used to changes for the movies… and this is one of those cases where I’m ok with it for the Vision. Stark and Banner are established, and if you didn’t know the Vision’s comic book origins, it isn’t a stretch to see both him and Ultron coming from Stark technology. They don’t have Hank Pym established at all so unless they waited years and a bunch of movies, they couldn’t do this Ultron story now without raising a lot of questions.

    I am nervous about Ant-Man… but I was nervous about Guardians of the Galaxy and they did a good job with that… so maybe they can make us really interested in Ant-Man.


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