Short Film ‘Wanderers’ reignites passion for exploration

Science fiction, once the refuge of the outcast and the weirdo, is currently an important part of pop culture. But once upon a time it served a purpose to propel the human race to not just buy more products but to think outside of the realms of possibility.

The Wanderers is like a message in a bottle containing a dream the future long past… perhaps newly remembered.

Via the Huffington Post:

Combining breathtaking visuals of realistic depictions of a variety of places in our solar system — kindly detailed by Wernquist here — with the ever-mind-expanding words of Carl Sagan, pulled from an audio recording of his book “Pale Blue Dot,” Wernquist tempts readers to wonder what lies beyond our atmosphere and visualizes what it would be like if humanity happened to make that journey in the future. Take four minutes out of your day and be inspired by the exceptional creation above.


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