Constantine: The Soul Play


As the comic book world continues to take a foothold in the realm of popular entertainment, there may be an unfortunate casualty. The series Constantine has not been picked up for renewal, placing its future in deadly certainty.

Created as a supporting cast member of the monthly horror comic Swamp Thing, John Constantine quickly became a popular character. After a feature film dud starring Keanu Reeves that got so many facts about the street-level mage wrong that it’s barely worth calling Hellblazer, fans worried that they would never get to see their anti-hero in the flesh again. Just this year a weekly TV series was launched that faithfully adapted the style of the book under Moore, Delano, Ennis, Jenkins, Carey and Milligan (to name a few). The series isn’t perfect, but it’s very entertaining.

That said… Constantine may be off the air for good very soon. This is a shame as it offers something that Gotham, Arrow, Agents of SHIELD and The Flash do not, the horror angle. Part of what made the Vertigo series so popular was making the fantastic commonplace, something that the fan produced film below, ‘Soul Play’ nails perfectly. So well that it pleads the case for more Constantine on TV.

Listen up, TV execs. Don’t pass up a good thing.

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