Ian Levine’s Doctor Who

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In the 1980’s resources were slim for the rich history of Doctor Who. Much of what was known was culled from scripts, off air reel-to-reel recordings and telesnaps. Thanks to his amazing knowledge of the cult program, Ian Levine was brought on as a consultant during John Nathan-Turner’s time as producer on Doctor Who.

A sometime record producer, Levine became a staple of the program and assisted with many key scenes that hearkened back to the Doctor Who’s past in stories such as Earthshock, Mawdryn Undead and Resurrection of the Daleks.

When it almost went off the air he even arranged for ‘Doctor in Distress’ to be recorded as a benefit to drum up support for the TV icon.

Before you pick up any stones to throw, he is also responsible for the rescue of several classic Doctor Who episodes including the seminal Daleks adventure by intervening before the tins were burnt.

In recent years, Levine has continued his involvement with Doctor Who… albeit in a private manner. Using personal resources, he has created the most enviable collection of Doctor Who rarities which he cannot distribute for legal reasons.

Levine’s privately funded projects includes an animated version of the missing Daleks’ Master Plan, Evil of the Daleks, Shada and the lost 23rd season that would have featured the Sixth Doctor against Ice Warriors, the Master and a climactic adventure on Gallifrey. While this may have fans frustrated that they will never have the opportunity to view these projects, Levine has created a trailer… and it’s a mixture of amazing (the stunning Mission to the Unknown) and perplexing moments (just what is going on with the animations of Colin Baker’s Doctor?).

Most impressive of all is the sequel to Web of Fear starring Sylvester McCoy encountering the Great Intelligence in a final encounter filmed in 2011 as extra material for the astounding fan film Downtime.


2 thoughts on “Ian Levine’s Doctor Who

  1. Sadly most of these are private and unobtainable however I think mission to the unknown is available in two parts on youtube.

    and if you wanted to download it as an mp4 to keep, of course, you’d use http://www.keepvid.com/

    Downtime would be great to find. I have the original from VHS but I’d love to see the one with Sylvester in it.


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