Doctor Who – Freedom of the Daleks

drWho_FreedomoftheDaleksDoctor Who has existed for 50 years but aside from the televised adventures there have been reams of comic strips, stacks of novels and reels of audio tapes (not to mention many many audio adventures produced by Big Finish!).

And there’s more!

Fandom is a wonderful thing. Here the folks at Time Tunnel Media have created a thing of beauty.

A group of humans have found the Dalek Emperor and are attempting to revive him. A Thal ship arrives and demands the handover of what they define as a war criminal which prompts a stalemate. In a moment of desperation, the Thals and Daleks humanized by a procedure initiated by the Doctor years ago (in Evil of the Daleks) reach out to the Time Lord for help.The Doctor must convince the humans to hands over the Emperor at the risk of reigniting the fires of war. While the Thals wait in orbit, ready to fire upon the planet, the Doctor must live up to his legendary reputation and defuse a deadly situation.

After conversing with the Emperor, it seems that the Doctor has achieved the impossible by brokering a peace between the two races. Yet, in the eleventh hour, the Emperor instead declares war on the Thals, stating peaceful coexistence as an insult.

“Can the Doctor prevent a massacre?”

Not only is this a story set in the timeline of the Second Doctor (likely season 6B?), and not only does the voice actor playing the Second Doctor capture the character and play loving homage to Patrick Troughton, but it’s a thrilling yarn that would make series writer David Whittaker (co-writer of the initial Daleks story and both Power and Evil of the Daleks) happy. Freedom of the Daleks is a thrilling story with sharp dialog, superb acting and uses the Daleks so well that BBC Wales should sit up and take notice.


Set after the events of Evil of the Daleks which saw the demise of the Daleks forever (they would not be seen again until 1973), the story utilizes the ‘humanized’ Daleks and an ailing Emperor with the Doctor trapped in the middle of a moral argument as he attempts to broker peace between the Thals and the surviving Daleks.

Should he actively commit genocide? Should the Daleks be exterminated?

Listen here to find out!


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