DC Nation Metal Men shorts

As this is the historic weekend without Saturday morning cartoons, I figured I would offer up some of these amazing DC Nation shorts based on the wonderful Metal Men.

Introduced in the popular Showcase Presents anthology series in 1962, the robotic marvels called the Metal Men debuted. Composed of precious and base metals, the Metal Men were intelligent creations thanks to the creation of the responsometer dreamed up by the brilliant pipe smoking Doc Will Magnus. Each of his creations took on a personality that mirrored in some ways the qualities of the metal that it was composed of. Gold was a noble and brave man, Iron was tough, Mercury was spirited and always pointing out how useful he was due his metallurgic abilities, Lead was a bit dim but strong, Tin was insecure and Platinum was a beautiful female robot who doted on her creator. Together the Metal Men were a competent team able to tackle nearly any menace. Interestingly, Platinum proved to be far too emotional and clingy for Magnus’ taste and her personality was rewritten.

Artists Ross Andru, Joe Staton and Walt Simonson have all lent a hand at providing a distinctive look to the Metal Men who appear so stiff and robotic yet alternately full of vivid personality.

The Metal Men were a cult hit and moved on to star in Brave and the Bold in addition to appearing in several monthly series throughout the years.

Produced by Evan Dorkin (Milk and Cheese) and Sarah Dyer (Superman, Welcome to Eltingville, Batman Beyond and more) with Augenblick Studios (Superjail!), these short cartoons are a real treat and an homage to a simpler (funner) time in DC Comics now sadly long gone.

I showed these to my son and he loved them so much I dug out my old pocket sized Metal Men collection for him to read in the car. Score!


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