New Doom Patrol shorts

Survivors of horrible accidents, brought together by Dr. Niles Caulder, the Doom Patrol remains the most imaginative and amazingly entertaining comic book ever (IMO). Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani, these characters have been ripped off in various other projects (I’m looking at you, Incredibles), but this is the real deal..


Doom Patrol By Jeff Lemiere

Doom Patrol By Jeff Lemiere

DC Entertainment releases two new Doom Patrol shorts titled, “Chapter 6: Trail of the Terrible Titan,” and “Chapter 10: The Spy Within The Doom Patrol.”
The first short sees Doom Patrol members Negative Man and Elasti-Girl attempting to thwart Monsieur Mallah and the Brotherhood of Evil’s attempt to steal the Statue of Liberty. In the second short, an impostor sets out to destroy the team from within. Who could it be? None other than Madame Rouge!


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