Fan-made The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen animation must be seen

Magician and visionary author Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill created a successful ‘Victorian Avengers’ using Mina Harker, Mr. Hyde, Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man and Allan Quartermain. The series saw this unlikely group of public domain characters from literature fight such outlandish threats as a Martian invasion and more. It spawned several spinoffs and a less-than-impressive feature film.
The League Of Extraordinary GentlemenThis week, a fan crafted an impressive animation of a version more in keeping with the feel of the comic. And it is wonderful.

Via io9:
Forget the unnecessary addition of Tom Sawyer and the other departures from Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s comics. Florian Liedtke imagines a title sequence for a different League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie taken straight from the comics, with a revamped cast.

Liedtke made his dream League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen title sequence for a university project, and the moody motion comic style works well here. Plus, we just want to see Charles Dance in everything.


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