Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Set DVD available for pre-order

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Set is available for pre-order in both Blu-ray and DVD format. Both are very limited and expected to sell out in no time so get those pre-orders in. This is the set we have been waiting for including the Five(is)Doctors and all the specials. Just in time for the new eighth series, too!

(Click here for my review of the 50th anniversary special)


Worldwide delivery now available

Available to order now from

Delivery within the UK is FREE
Europe £4.50
Rest of world Including the USA and Australia £7.50

Prices apply to on-line orders for one item.

Also available to order from,,

For the ultimate Doctor Who fan, BBC Worldwide UK are proud to present a special collection of highlights from the groundbreaking 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, including – for the first time – An Adventure in Space and Time on Blu Ray.
50th-dvdThe limited edition collector’s set (6,000 Blu Ray, 4,000 DVD) includes the 50th anniversary special; The Day of the Doctor, Matt Smith’s Farewell; The Time of the Doctor, the Series 7 finale; The Name of the Doctor, and the Eighth Doctor’s (Paul McGann) surprise regeneration into John Hurt’s War Doctor; The Night of the Doctor.

The collection also includes an exclusive cut of the read-through of The Day of the Doctor featuring Matt Smith and David Tennant, deleted scenes, new-to-DVD cinema trails and Mark Gatiss’ award winning drama about the genesis of Doctor Who; An Adventure in Space and Time. The hilarious Five-ish Doctors – starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and a host of special guests – will also be included on a DVD and Blu Ray box for the first time.

Plus, we finally get a new disc with Paul McGann on the cover.

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Set DVD available for pre-order

  1. I wonder if we will get something like this in the US? Sometimes the box sets are UK-only… but this is what I was waiting for… either this, or for everything to be eventually included in the Series 8 set later this year.


    • Some are UK only, but this has just got to make it’s way here (with less cool packaging). I’ve been holding out for this too. Then again, it is a very limited run.


      • Yeah, the “limited” part is why I was a little worried. I could easily see this not making its way to the US or at least not with all the same content. It would be a tougher decision if I picked up the UK releases, but since I wait for the US releases I guess I have a little more time to decide.


    • I don’t remember if anyone ever found out why… but I remember people in the UK complaining about not getting a Blu-ray release of Adventures in Space and Time. I guess this limited set will be the first time they are getting that. I remember countering in a thread that the US never has gotten a Blu-ray release of those Peter Cushing movies like the UK did.


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