Big Finish Celebrates 15 years

Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, Doctor Who 5-8

Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann, Doctor Who 5-8

When Doctor Who went off the airwaves in 1989, it entered what is now referred to as ‘The Wilderness Years.’ A series of new novels took the Seventh Doctor in a new direction, classic Doctors also received their own line of missing adventures and when the Eighth Doctor arrived in 1996 things got even more ambitious with comic strips and a new line of novels.

However, it was when Big Finish rounded up several of the actors and actresses associated with the classic Doctor Who program in 1999 that it entered its most interesting period. It was a fan’s dream come true, a rotating series of stories with the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors, then another line focused on the companions! To make things even better, Paul McGann returned to blaze a new path as the Eighth Doctor in a string of stories that firmly established a unique era.
tombakerbigfinishAn even bigger surprise was when Tom Baker returned for a new series of stories, reuniting him with Romana #1 – Mary Tamm (now sadly departed) and Leela – Louise Jamison.

If you have not delved into this treasure trove of Doctor Who, you are missing out and this is a grand opportunity to take a dip.

Big Finish’s Doctor Who at 15 – Day 1

To mark the first day of our celebration, we’re making the download of the first story – Doctor Who: The Sirens of Time available for £1.

Thanks to our friends at Doctor Who Magazine, we can also make available Talkin’ ‘Bout My Regeneration as a download – 1999’s hour-long audio documentary about the making of the story.

Also never available through the Big Finish website before are two more free stories on download as MP3 and Audiobook formats: No Place Like Home and The Ratings War, featuring the Fifth and Sixth Doctors respectively.

To mark our first three Big Finish Doctors, you can also get more recent titles in a special offer: The Fifth Doctor’s The Butcher of Brisbane, the Sixth Doctor’s The Fourth Wall, and the Seventh Doctor’s Protect & Survive – each available for £5 on Download or CD.

On a related note, what is your favorite Big Finish story?

(for anyone interested, feel free to peruse my Big Finish reviews and articles here)


5 thoughts on “Big Finish Celebrates 15 years

  1. Favourite Big Finish story: I’m only up to the end of November 2006 – still another eight years’ worth of listening to catch up! So far, the stand outs are The Holy Terror, The One Doctor, Invaders from Mars, The Chimes of Midnight, …ish, Flip-Flop, Night Thoughts, and The Kingmaker.

    Farewell, Great Macedon was fantastic – the original TARDIS crew in a literate, leisurely script as of old. Would have been great if this had been produced.


  2. For various reasons I have not purchased and listened to as many Big Finish audio adventures as I would like. Firstly, what I have purchase and listened to is top notch. They do an awesome job, and the stories are every bit as intricate as you would expect from a TV-adventure, so there’s no short-selling the “viewer” here.

    Secondly… and perhaps most importantly… I support the concept more than I could possibly express. I’m too young (at 44) to fondly remember the days of sitting around the radio and listening to stories pre-TV… but I appreciate the concept… and years ago (basically when Big Finish was ramping up to do this) I was talking to the previous generation where I worked and I told them that I thought there should be a resurgence in audio stories. Around the time MP3 was taking off and Podcasts were being formed… and people were having long commutes to work with better quality and more portable audio in their cars… I said that it just seems like something that ought to happen!

    Audiobooks were popular… so it seemed to me like there was a huge potential audience for new audio adventures and I felt like they could be produced at higher quality than ever before with modern audio tech. Big Finish is doing exactly what I envisioned!

    Besides wishing I could afford more… I wish someone in the US would take up the mantle and produce similar. Could you imagine new Star Trek audio adventures? Except for the actors who have passed away, they could do the same thing Big Finish does for Doctor Who with Trek.


    • I know that you have a high appreciation of the audios. I wish I had a bottomless wallet to keep up with the releases but whenever I do catch up it is such a delight. I am consistently surprised at how well they maintain the high quality of the stories.


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