Rare BBC Interlude with Daleks

This is a rarity indeed. A short film from the 1960’s in which clockwork toys run wild… and then the Daleks from Doctor Who (courtesy of Louis Marx) arrive.

Via BBC:

Programmes, because they were live, didn’t always run as long as they should have done. And if you needed something to fill a few awkward moments, there were occasions where they would play these short pieces of film – interludes. There’s never any story to them, there’s never any beginning, middle and end. They just happen. The idea was that they can be as long as they need them. A lot of the images, in fact, they’re really harking back to a bygone age, even for the 1950s. There’s images of agriculture or spinning and things like that. It wasn’t contemporary. They were idealised past. At that time, I think television was very much seen as, you know, an evening’s relaxation. It was not something to stimulate you.

They started to disappear really round about the end of the ’50s, early ’60s. Because programmes became pre-recorded mostly, you knew how long they were. You could plan more carefully your schedule, and not have these little gaps any more.


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