Transmitted OCTOBER 3, 1964

“Since the first living thing gazed upward through the darkness, Man has seldom been content merely to be born, to endure, and to die. With a curious fervor he has struggled to unlock the mysteries of creation and of the world in which he lives. Sometimes he has won. Sometimes he has lost. And sometimes, in the tumbling torrents of space and time, he has brief glimpses of a world he never even dreams…”

A series of weird murders plagues the local police. There did not seem to be any connecting clues that could shed some light on the events until an optic engineer starts his own investigation. Lenses using meteoric quartz have allowed those looking through them the brief experience of viewing a being from another dimension. Insecure with being witnessed by anyone else, the creature struck out and killed each person who saw it, leaving only death and scattered custom eyeglasses in its wake. As bizarre as it appears, it soon becomes clear that Dr. Stone has made contact with a two-dimensional being named Eck who is stranded in our world, unable to get home due to poor vision. What luck that Dr. Stone (and his lovely assistant Elizabeth) can help!

One of the strengths of The Outer Limits in my opinion is its ability to connect fantastical stories to very human situations. While it can be a bit corny at times, it’s still quite heartening and charming to witness the subtle romance between Dr. Stone and his secretary as the mystery of the strange two-dimensional monster unravels. It’s also quite poetic that someone working with lenses for eye glasses fails to see that his secretary is in love with him. Played with such aplomb by Peter Lind Hayes, Dr. Stone is so sympathetic in his scattered-brained way.

The visual effects are quite simple but leave a strong impact. Eck is a bizarre and startling creature yet the respect that the cast gives to the effect gives it life. Drawing inspiration from a nineteenth century novella Flatland, Behold, Eck! is a tale that is equal parts comedy and fantasy.

The Outer Limits Original Series Complete Box Set Volumes 1-3[/caption]

The Outer Limits: The Vanished

Outer Limits: The Official Companion

One thought on “THE OUTER LIMITS: Behold, Eck!

  1. When Futurama did their ‘Flatland’ episode (‘2-D Blacktop’), I remember my disappointment the people who lived there weren’t based upon the design of this cute fellow. A very rare example of Futurama somehow missing an opportunity to make an obscure sci-fi reference!


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