Star Trek Passage to Moauv (A Power Records adventure)

StarTrek_PowerRecordsLong before home video and video games, fans of Star Trek had limited outlets through which to revisit the world of tomorrow. A series of novels, comic books and a short-lived cartoon expanded the five year mission of Captain Kirk and his crew. But for the younger generation there were Power Records, a line of illustrated books that readers were encouraged to read along with as a record played. The famous crew of the starship Enterprise were voiced by a varied cast of actors who had varied results in recapturing the beloved characters. There were many changes, such as transforming Lt. Uhura into a blonde Caucasian. The stories were mad and inventive but often very silly. Given that they were targeted to a younger audience, this isn’t too surprising.

Throughout the mid 70’s, Power Records created new stories for everyone from the Six Million Dollar Man to the Man-Thing and they are all a joy to revisit. With the advent of streaming media, these time capsules can be enjoyed by a new generation… and it’s all just as goofy.

Part 1

Part 2

For more gems of yesteryear and streaming Power Records adventures, please visit this site.

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