Batman at 75

batman_75_years_logo_a_lBatman has turned 75 and while the media has been abuzz about it, WB may seem somewhat silent. While Batman Vs. Superman is being pushed to 2016 and the latest cartoon Beware the Batman has been cancelled, there are still some wonderful ways to honor the dark knight detective on his birthday.

GalleryComics_1900x900_20140409_BM_ETERNAL_1_531f54675a0a25.23091103Batman Eternal

Scott Snyder continues to knock it out of the park with his ongoing Batman series with artist Greg Capullo, but he has also helmed a new ongoing series Batman Eternal (debuting this week at your local comic shop). More of an anthology comic rather than one focused on Batman himself, the new book will explore various corners of Gotham City and the Bat-family.

3731115-1-b05c1bb930Detective Comics

The new creative team of Brian Buccelleto and Frances Manapul will be taking Detective Comics into an avenue closer to crime-investigation than has been seen before. The first issue came out last week and is worth checking out. I am a big fan of their work together on The Flash for the New 52 and think that good things could come from this series.

Son of Batman (click to Pre-order)

The Warner Bros Animation series of films continues to release impressive films with Son of Batman (based on the run by Grant Morrison and others) next in line. While it’s not out until next month, preview clips have been coming in and the movie appears to be another excellent project. If you missed out on the comic book version, this is a great story that provides a new angle on Batman and a very different take on Robin, the boy wonder.

Strange Days

Batman animation maven Bruce Timm has returned to the fold for a new animated short ‘Strange Days.’ Hearkening back to the early days of the caped crusader, Strange Days is evocative of the old Max Fleisher Superman cartoons (a style near and dear to Timm’s heart). Created especially for the 75th birthday, the short premiers tonight on Cartoon Network.

Arkham Origins (click to buy)

There is also new DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins which expands the rogues gallery with the addition of Mister Freeze, playable Bruce Wayne, a new cold-weather environment suit and many more gadgets to fill those utility belt pouches. This game has gotten a lot of flack from gamers for not living up to the Arkham anthology hype, but personally I like it a lot and am looking forward to this new chapter.


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