The Day of Doctor Who (1968)

Where were you when William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Peter Cushing fought the Daleks and the Chamelons in 1968?

At fifty years old, Doctor Who shows no sign of losing momentum and is more popular now than ever. This has led to many gifted creators paying homage to the beloved program. We have all seen the many T-shirts, mash-up videos and more, but this is something entirely other. Graphic artist Colin Brockhurst has created a most unique item that collects material from an anniversary special… that never took place.


Hammer Horror legend Peter Cushing had played Doctor Who (yes, that was his name on screen) in two films; Doctor Who and its sequel, Daleks and Daleks’ Invasion of Earth 2150 A.D. This has confused many fans of the program who have stumbled upon the films and wondered how they fit into continuity and why no one talks about them. Cushing, who had played Sherlock Holmes, Professor Van Helsing, Victor Frankenstein and Grand Moff Tarkin (to name just a few of his signature roles) is an unusual choice for the Doctor and his performance needs to be seen to be believed. He played the Doctor as a doddering old scientist, yet he is also incredibly brave and very cunning. For ages, I denied that these movies even existed but today I am more fond of them and can enjoy them in spite of their wackiness and deviations from the mythology of Doctor Who.

As any Whovian can tell you, there are many stories that are still lost to fans and exist only as off-air audio tracks and a handful of telesnaps (photos taken from the TV transmission by devoted viewers). In this instance, Brockhurst has constructed not just a mock-up Radio Times cover celebrating the program’s fifth anniversary but TV clippings, a ‘signed’ photograph of Cushing as the Doctor, a ‘giveaway button that would have been included in Sugar Smacks cereal (as one featuring the Third Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee had been) and telesnaps. Yes, painstakingly constructed manipulated images depict an ingenious adventure.

The Day of Doctor Who cleverly echoes the plot of Day of the Doctor in many ways as the First Doctor Who meets Queen Elizabeth, The Second Doctor Who encounters two Brigadiers and the Chameleons (from The Faceless Ones) and The ‘War Doctor’ Peter Cushing walks to a deserted shack where he is confronted by Susan Foreman. There is more in the video below…

(Please excuse the quality, it’s my first video review)

For more information, visit Colin Brockhurst’s site.


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