Batman’s beginnings explored in Gotham TV series

Joining Arrow and The Flash is another weekly TV series, this time centered on one of DC Entertainment’s top tier characters, Batman. Gotham has been in development in one form or another since the success of Smallville, but Warner Bros has held off until now to bring a program that will delve into the early years of the dark knight detective.

batman-gotham-official-logoThe series will feature Ben McKenzie as the lead character James Gordon and supporting actor Sean Pertwee (son of Jon Pertwee the Third Doctor Who) as Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce Wayne himself will be portrayed as a pre-teen by David Mazouz. Other characters such as the Penguin, Selina Kyle (Catwoman) have also joined the cast and more announcements are expected to follow.

Strangely, the series will be screened on Fox rather than CW. It’s clear from the casting that the series will take liberties with the source material in this latest version of Batman on screen, but will it live up to the pop culture icon’s legacy?


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