Batman Arkham Knight swings onto the PS4

The Dark Knight detective is back once more in the latest video game adaptation of Batman’s Gothic crime-addled world. Armed with his wits and state of the art technological gadgets, Batman faces a city of crime gone mad. While he has had a spotty history in the past, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins have firmly established the caped crusader for the next generation home console. Harnessing the raw fighting power, keen detective mind of Batman and his vast rogue’s gallery from the page, the Arkham series has popularized the hero for a whole new generation while paying homage to his rich history in print.

Set one year after the events of Arkham City, Arkham Knight will see a return of many popular game-play mechanics from the previous versions. For the first time in the Arkham franchise, the Batmobile will be included. A veritable street-tank, the Batmobile can be called upon at any time and is capable of crushing through the opposition. In addition to the Riddler, Penguin, Joker, Two-Face, Harley Quinn and Scarecrow, a new character named the Arkham Knight (created by Geoff Johns) will be introduced.

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Developed by Rocksteady, the finale to the Arkham series Arkham Knight will hit the shelves on October 14, 2014

For more information, bookmark the official website:


2 thoughts on “Batman Arkham Knight swings onto the PS4

  1. It looks very pretty, but I hate that Batman has become just a “blow everything up” action hero. Batman should stalk, he should haunt, he should scare, he should detect. These ridiculous guns and cars and glider wings are starting to border on the “Bat Shark Repellent” level.


  2. I can understand that. It is weird how in film Batman has a vast arsenal of weaponry while in the comic book he has traditionally made do with batarangs and a rope (if memory serves, the grapple gun wasn’t introduced until the 90’s). In the video game it makes more sense to give him some gadgets but I agree that it can get out of hand.


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