The many faces of the James Bond car collection

I have been going through a Bond phase lately, re-watching all the films (even the Brosnan ones) and gaming my P99 through hallways on my PS3. I have many replicas of Bond cars that were released by GE Fabbri over the years. They are really boss and include detailed magazines as well.

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Imagine my surprise when I discovered that among the many other toy replicas of the Bond cars out there was a bizarre promo item exclusive to the other side of the world? suntory_50th-anniversary-collection-large11In Japan, miniature James Bond cars were attached to Boss coffee cans as promotional items. Ranging 22 movies, these remarkable models included gadgets such as missile launchers, an outrigger and more. Later smaller models had pullback action.

If you are a Bond fan and plan to be in England next month, you can catch a glorious treat!

The London Film Museum will be hosting a special exhibit honoring the cars of Q-branch, ‘Bond in Motion,’ a retrospective of the most famous autos in celluloid history.

Click For More Info

Click For More Info

To stay up to date on all James Bond news and join other fans in trivia and nostalgia, bookmark the James Bond 007 facebook page.


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