This week at your comic shop 1/29/14

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(note: all information including ad copy is from the publisher)
If you can’t make it to the shop, just click on any of the images below to be taken to an online retailer. I don’t get any referrals for these sales, I’m just doing my bit to spread the word on some neat products.

TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, PRICE IN U.S. DOLLARS (“AR” means “ask your retailer for the price”)

Aquaman #27 (Paul Pelletier & Sean Parsons Regular Cover), $2.99
Batman And Robin Annual #2, $4.99
Damian Son Of Batman #4 (Of 4)(Andy Kubert Regular Cover), $3.99
Dead Boy Detectives #2, $2.99
Earth 2 Annual #2, $4.99
Flash #27 (Pasqual Ferry Regular Cover), $2.99
Worlds’ Finest Annual #1, $4.99

EC Library Sucker Bait And Other Stories Illustrated By Graham Ingels HC (not verified by Diamond), $28.99
EC Library Zero Hour And Other Stories By Jack Kamen HC (not verified by Diamond), $28.99
Prince Valiant Volume 8 1951-1952 HC, $35.00

Day Of The Magicians GN, $29.95

Black Science #2 (2nd Printing Variant Cover), $3.50
Black Science #3, $3.50
East Of West #9, $3.50
Saga #18, $2.99
Thief Of Thieves #19, $2.99 

Star Wars Maul Lockdown HC, $27.00

Guardians Of The Galaxy #11.NOW (Sara Pichelli Regular Cover), $3.99
Thor God Of Thunder #18, $3.99
Uncanny Avengers #16, $3.99
Uncanny X-Force #17, $3.99
Warlock By Jim Starlin The Complete Collection TP, $34.99
X-Men Legacy #23, $2.99

Doctor Who Special #36, $13.99

Dredd Underbelly Movie Sequel (One Shot), $3.99

Famous Robots And Cyborgs SC, $14.95

Accident Man HC, $29.99
Snowpiercer Volume 1 The Escape HC, $19.99


Batman Retro 8-Inch Action Figure Series 2 Assortment, AR
Captain America Character Soft Touch PVC Keyring, $2.49
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Mirror Of Fate Original Soundtrack CD, $7.00
Doctor Who Dalek Towel, $27.99
Firefly Space Ship Black T-Shirt LG, $20.99
Godzilla Scream Woven Patch, $4.99
Gremlins Spider Gremlin Deluxe Boxed Action Figure, $49.99
Iron Man Character Soft Touch PVC Keyring, $2.49
Space 1999 Eagle-1 Transporter 1/72 Scale Model Kit, $24.99
Space 1999 The Alien Moon Rover 1/25 Scale Model Kit, $21.99
Star Trek Into Darkness Phaser Replica, $59.95
Super Mario Bros Flying Squirrel Luigi 15-Inch Plush, $34.99
Super Mario Bros Flying Squirrel Mario 14-Inch Plush, $34.99
Tervis Star Wars Stormtrooper Wrap With Lid 24-Ounce Tumbler, $22.99


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