The History of Future Folk


A man introduced as General Trius takes the stage in a small venue, picks up a banjo and announces that he is from the planet Hondo. He was sent to Earth to destroy the population with a plague bomb but changed his mind when he discovered music. The previously unknown phenomenon causes a change inside the General which changes his mind. Not only does he decide to stay, but he becomes a musician to tell his tale from beyond the stars. He marries and has a child, gets a job and settles down. He tells his daughter Wren about his life beyond the stars each night as a bed time story and lives a normal life… until an assassin named Kevin arrives to force him to fulfill his mission.

General Trius (operating under the name Bill) takes in Kevin and exposes him to the wonders of music, making his solo act a duo. Despite his wife abandoning him due to his bizarre behavior, everything seems to be working out. The music is working so well that the ‘Future Folk’ act has developed a strong following. However, when another killer arrives to finish the job that Kevin failed to accomplish.

The History of Future Folk is a marvelous fun flick with some great musical numbers. Actor/musician Nils d’Aulaire is wonderful as General Trius, an alien soldier and perfect fighting machine and determined family man. His co-star Jay Klaitz (the Mighty Kevin) is marvelous as lovesick assassin who becomes enamored with a policewoman, so much so that he composes a love song for her which he stuns her in order to perform in her apartment. It’s all very absurd yet strangely sweet which can be said for the tone of the entire film.

The History of Future Folk can be watched streaming on Netflix and comes heavily recommended.


(More info here)


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