Battle Of The Damned

Battle_of_the_DamnedA rescue gone awry, Major Max Gatling finds himself in a city populated mainly by flesh eating zombies with no way out. Enlisting the aid of robots kitted out to blast through the monsters, Gatling finds that he is no longer alone, he has a veritable mechanized army at his side.

Starring action movie star Dolph Lundgren (I Come in Peace, Punisher, Universal Soldier), Battle of the Damned is a straight forward gun-toting action flick in line with many others preceding it. So why should you care? For one thing it has Dolph in it, an actor who now has that rich air nostalgia brought on by the success of the Expendables series and for another, it brings a new element to the genre, robots.

I’ll be honest… I was bored with the zombie thing probably two years ago. As soon as ‘preparing for the zombie apocalypse’ became a thing to say, I was pretty much done. That said, this looks in line with the late afternoon action flicks I gorged on throughout the 80’s, and could be pretty awesome.

The film opened to mixed reviews in the UK just last week and will be on the big screen in the US February 18th.


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