Coming soon… The Time of the Doctor

The final outing of current Doctor Matt Smith (with the inclusion of John Hurts’s incarnation, I will not attempt to number him), Time of the Doctor will see the Time Lord face his ultimate challenge on Trenzalore. Cybermen, the Silence, Daleks, and Weeping Angels have been confirmed to appear as enemies and the story will close with the arrival of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.

Moffat has stated that The Time of the Doctor will wrap up several plot threads that have been left dangling over the past few years… which I will believe when I see. It will be interesting for the program to resolve the Doctor’s ‘final battle’ which he has already seen the outcome of in Name of the Doctor, especially considering that David Tennant’s Doctor simply said he didn’t want to go there. With the shattering of the time lines around the Time War on Gallifrey, anything seems to be possible.

Moffat has reportedly hinted that Smith’s incarnation is actually the 13th and final life that the Doctor can have under the current constraints of the program. If so, Capaldi’s 13th Doctor introduced in Day of the Doctor would grant the Time Lord a new lease on life. This has been the source of controversy online among fans who are trying to figure out what counts as a rule in a program like Doctor Who. If Smith is the final incarnation of the Doctor’s life span, this story will be rewriting the book on what the Doctor can and cannot do (again). That would also make The Time of the Doctor the third ‘groundbreaking’ story in a row from Moffat.

Remember when he wrote stories rather than spectacles?

Teaser trailer below…

(There is currently not much information on this special so I am mainly putting this up because I saw people were coming to my blog looking for information on this upcoming episode)

One thought on “Coming soon… The Time of the Doctor

  1. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything – seeing as Moffat couldn’t feature any further future Doctors beyond Peter Capaldi in The Day of the Doctor, unless he was a time traveller himself! – but the dialogue in the “saving Gallifrey” states that it is “all thirteen” of him, could this mean that the BBC might rest Doctor Who after Capaldi’s tenure?! Of course, it’s playfully and movingly suggested that Tom Baker’s character in the wonderful end scene could be a future Doctor, so that may be bunk!


    * * * * *

    As most will have seen, it’s been rumoured that the eleventh Doctor loses a leg at some point in Time of the Doctor (reflecting a real-life injury suffered by Matt Smith, supposedly) while Clara has to remain in the TARDIS in order not to age as a war rages on outside it. It’s worth taking with a HUGE grain of salt but it’s also suggested that the Time Lords show up and bestow a new life cycle on the Doctor… Hmmm. Bulls*** or not?! We shall see… OOOH-Eeee-OOO! Dubbledy-Dum Dubbledy-Dum!


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