Doctor Who – The Five(ish) Doctors


As great as the 50th anniversary special Day of the Doctor was, did you feel like something was missing? Well, these four fellas did too. An incredibly entertaining comedic special, The Five(ish) Doctors is written and directed by Peter Davison and shows what happens when four actors are snubbed.

(watch the entire short here)


One thought on “Doctor Who – The Five(ish) Doctors

  1. I watched that over the weekend… it was pretty good. I liked that they were scared to call Tom Baker, and when they did… they used the old Shada footage again!

    The interesting thing… they had Moffat in it… which strongly implies they weren’t as mad about being left out as we had been led to believe… because he was in that film… I wouldn’t think they would have him in it if they were actually mad… they would have made fun of and reference to him without him being there if that were true I would think.


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